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If you are currently a student at another college or university and you plan to return to your home institution following the completion of one or more courses please complete the following steps.

  • Review the courses you are interested in registering for at Howard Community College using the following:
  • Speak to your academic advisor at your home institution:
  • Verify the course you plan to complete will be equivalent or meet your program requirements.
  • Request the advisor provide written approval to take the course along with a guarantee it will transfer back.
  • Remember: You have the ultimate responsibility of ensuring you are taking the correct course and that your home institution has approved it.
  • Complete the process for Standard Admission for Credit Programs.
  • Meet with an HCC advisor. Your home institution’s consent to take classes does not result in a waiver of HCC’s requirements, policies, and procedures.  HCC’s Admissions and Advising staff can help you anywhere along the process.
  • If the course you plan to take has prerequisites, you must submit your academic transcript, test scores, and/or grade report to HCC’s Office of Admissions and Advising to receive clearance prior to registering.
  • Register for Classesonline or in-person.

Contact us!
Office of Admissions and Advising
Howard Community College — RCF-242
Phone: 443-518-1200
Fax: 443-518-4589

TTY/STS use MD Relay