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What is the purpose of academic and transfer advising?

To help you complete your academic and transfer goals!  Advisors are available to provide all kinds of information so that you may progress through your academic career with as few detours as possible and make a seamless transition to a four year college or university or career path.

Who are academic advisors?

Academic advisors are trained professionals who provide information and direction to help you achieve your goals at HCC and beyond.

What do academic advisors do?

Academic advisors are able to help you wherever you are on your academic journey from Getting Started to Staying on Track to preparing for the Finish Line.

Getting Started

  • Discuss your academic goals, learning style, preferences and interests
  • Assist you with selecting an academic program
  • Explain academic policies and procedures
  • Provide placement test and related information
  • Assist you with transferring traditional and non-traditional college level academic course work 
  • Provide information about “Paying for College” 
  • Help you select academic courses and build a schedule for the semester 
  • Support you with developing an academic plan including a timeline 
  • Refer you to all kinds of campus resources 
  • Teach you about our many online resources like HCC Express 
  • Help you find your information on “My Profile”

Staying on Track:

  • Review your academic goals
  • Ensure that you are following your academic program for the correct catalog year
  • Make adjustments to your academic plan as necessary
  • Keep you informed about  available academic and advising services
  • Provide you with helpful resources for transfer

Preparing for the Finish Line:

  • Finalize graduation and transfer plans 
  • Assist transfer students with preparing required documents 
  • Inform students of graduation procedures

What should students expect from an academic advisor?

Academic advisors provide students information and referrals as well as assistance with short term and long term academic planning.  Advisors will help you find the answers to your questions.


  • Placement Testing as well as other ways to meet course pre and corequisites 
  • Program requirements
  • Registration procedures 
  • Pay for College and related information 
  • College policies and procedures 
  • Resources to support student success 
  • Online resources


  • To all types of resources found on campus and in the community including but not limited to:
    • Faculty
    • Academic support services
    • Counseling and career services
    • Disability Support Services
    • Student Computer Services
    • Wellness Center
    • Student Life
    • HCC Express
    • Service Learning
    • Study Abroad
    • Transfer Services

Short Range Program Planning

  • Selection of courses each semester
  • Schedule adjustments
  • Registration procedures
  • Financing  a college education

Long Range Planning

  • Building an academic plan which includes course and related activities which supports your academic and transfer goals such as service learning, study abroad, student clubs and activities as well as the vast array of programs offered each semester.

How frequently should I see my academic advisor?

  • All students should see an academic advisor a minimum of one time per semester but more often as necessary.   This is especially true for transfer students.