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Engineering General Information

  • Students are encouraged to follow the engineering program as found in the Howard Community College catalog
  • Students are strongly recommended to work closely with the college or university they plan to attend.

If a student plans to earn a two (2) year degree and/or transfer within two years students must follow the following sequence:

Fall, Year One

  • PHYS-110 (offered Fall semester only)
  • MATH-140(co requisite for PHYS-110)
  • ENES-101

Spring, Year One

  • PHYS-111 (Prerequisite is PHYS-110, offered spring semester only)
  • MATH-150
  • ENES-130

Fall, Year Two

  • PHYS-112 (prerequisite is PHYS-111, offered fall semester only)
  • MATH-240

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