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If you're an athlete you have a very special interest in academic advising and early registration.  First, you must be in good academic standing to play your sport.  Secondly, because of practice and game schedules, you need to be able to register for the classes you need at the times you need to take them.  Last, but not least, if you want to play your sport when you transfer to another college or university, you need to be able to transfer successfully. 

HCC has taken all this into account.  As an athlete, advising services are customized for you.  It's up to you to take advantage of them.  Your advantages include:

  • Access to advising year round during the day and evening.
  • A group of advisors are assigned to Athletes specifically.  Check HCC Express's "My Student Profile" feature or with the Office of Admissions and Advising for your assignment. 
  • Advising Week for Athletes, a specially designed advising and early registration program designed for athletes a week prior to each major term's general registration period.
  • Team workshops and information sessions.
  • A close working relationship between advisors and coaches.

Along with these advantages, you have responsibilities:

  • Seek advising early and as often as needed.
  • Take advantage of early registration options.
  • Apply for financial aid and scholarships  early.
  • Learn about other ways to pay.
  • Attend class regularly and complete assignments on time.
  • Use other college support services such as tutoring and counseling.
  • Always remember that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".
  • The experts on eligibility rules are HCC’s Director of Athletics and your coach.  It is important you always consult with them about your eligibility.

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