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Student Services


The Office of Admissions and Advising assists students with all aspects of standard, selective and competitive admissions processes. It provides all students admitted to the college with pre-enrollment services necessary to ensure the successful completion of academic, career and personal goals.

The Admissions and Advising staff advises prospective, newly admitted, transfer, and international (F1) students. The staff also assists visiting students from other institutions (who must also consult their home institution advisors). A special effort is made to prepare students for that most critical first semester of college. In addition to pre-enrollment advising, other services include academic and transfer advising for new and currently enrolled students; and transcript evaluation and course clearances for all students based upon coursework completed at other postsecondary institutions, military training and experience, other designated organizations, and specific national examination programs (see page 39).

The Admissions and Advising staff welcomes the opportunity to inform students about programs and services that will help them fulfilll their goals.

Programs for High School Students

The college offers a variety of programs for current and graduating high school students including:

JAMES W. ROUSE SCHOLARS PROGRAM–The James W. Rouse Scholars Program is a highly selective, challenging honors and leadership learning community designed for transfer to distinguished four-year colleges and universities at the end of the sophomore year. The program combines academic opportunities, development of leadership skills, mentorships, service learning, cultural and recreational experiences and travel opportunities, including study abroad. Rouse Scholars and program faculty and staff work closely with transfer institutions. A number of scholarships are specifically designated for this program. Admission to the program is competitive based on grades, college entrance exam scores, course selection, intellectual interests, extracurricular activities, recommendations, and other indicators of academic excellence and leadership potential. (Some applicants may also be requested to take the college’s English placement exam.) In certain circumstances, consideration will be given to students for whom traditional indicators of success are not always valid.

STEM SCHOLARS PROGRAM–The STEM Scholars Program is a highly selective and challenging honors learning community for students interested in pursuing majors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and wish to transfer to four-year colleges and universities at the end of their sophomore year. This program will combine academic research opportunities, mentorships, service learning, leadership opportunities and cultural experiences to provide students with a challenging academic program to prepare for transfer. Admission to this program is competitive based on academic performance, intellectual interests, test scores, letters of recommendation, an essay and other indicators of academic excellence and leadership potential.

SILAS CRAFT COLLEGIANS PROGRAM–The Silas Craft Collegians Program is designed for recent high school graduates whose past academic performance does not reflect their true potential. The program maximizes ­academic achievement, graduation, and transfer. Program features include a customized curriculum that ­prepares students for transfer and for their chosen ­career, skills assessment and development, academic support, men­toring, and various extracurricular, enrichment and travel experiences. A number of scholarships specifically designated for this program are available. Admission is ­selective and is based upon academic potential, motivation, and specific English and math skill levels.

FRESHMAN FOCUS PROGRAM—Early preparation is directly related to college success and achievement of academic, transfer, career and graduation goals. The Freshman Focus Program is an award winning program designed specif­ically for graduating high school seniors who are Howard Community College’s incoming freshmen. The program provides opportunities to be tested, advised, and registered early, prior to the hectic pace and more limited course selection and availability of general registration. Added emphasis is placed on assisting students in paying for college and preparing for specific majors with unique requirements, such as nursing, allied health, business, STEM, teacher education and others. Students taking advantage of this program complete the college registration process prior to high school graduation and prior to all new students. They also benefit from the program’s excellent record of fostering academic success.

EARLY ENTRANCE PROGRAM–Enrollment opportunities in credit coursework are available for high school students throughout the year under certain circumstances. These opportunities include dual enrollment, early admission, and summer enrollment. Special enrollment conditions apply based upon state law, public and private school regulations, and college policies.

High school students in their junior or senior year may participate in dual enrollment programs through the Early Entrance program. The program enables students to plan their high school and HCC schedules at the same time and complete all or most procedures, including application, testing, and registration, well in advance of general registration periods. Howard County Public School System students who wish to participate in Dual Enrollment will receive discounted tuition rates. Howard County Public School students who are approved by their high school counselor may also receive credit towards their high school diploma as well as towards their college degree. Private school students maybe have to fulfill private school requirements to participate. Additional procedures apply for students in the eighth through tenth grades. (See page 18.) Different requirements exist for participation in Continuing Education (noncredit) classes. Generally, students must be 18 years of age or older to participate in noncredit courses with the exception of HCC’s Kids On Campus Program and selected other programming.

The college reserves the right to grant admission to secondary school students on an individual basis. More information about programs and admissions policies and procedures for current and graduating high school students is available on page 18. For further information, please contact 443-518-4599 or Information is also available on the college website at


The New Student Orientation program prepares students for the critical first semester of college. By providing important information about academic policies and procedures, college services and student activities, the New Student Orientation program helps students avoid potential obstacles to the achievement of their goals while enhancing the enjoyment of campus life. Students have the opportunity to meet college faculty and staff, as well as fellow students. Comprehensive in-person New Student Orientation programs are conducted prior to the fall and spring terms. An online orientation is provided as a supplement to the in-person sessions and can be found at In addition to the general New Student Orientation, some programs may require orientation sessions. Additionally, specific workshops are offered by various departments throughout the entire semester for both new and returning students. Further information is provided to students as part of the enrollment process and through the Office of Student Life.


Academic Advising

One of the college’s most important responsibilities is to provide comprehensive ­academic advising services. Students are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of their learning program for the catalog year that applies to them and/or for fulfilling the requirements of other academic goals they may have. Therefore, it is also each student’s responsibility to meet with an advisor prior to each term, during each term and more often, if needed. Advisors provide students with information and recommendations regarding learning programs, course selection, and graduation and transfer preparation. Students in selected programs are assigned to specific academic or faculty advisors as appropriate. All other students are assigned to the Office of Admissions and Advising. Advising is available to all students year round through the Office of Admissions and Advising.

Advising Weeks are scheduled early in each major term’s General Registration period. While advising is available year round, the purpose of the Advising Weeks period is to place special emphasis on early registration options for upcoming terms.

Advising also places a strong focus on helping students reach completion goals, particularly graduation and transfer. Students are also assisted with identifying various alternatives to earn certificates, degrees and/or transfer goals. Advising services and the college’s many academic support services are designed to contribute to student success. Students who are notified through the academic warning process that they are at risk are required to meet with an advisor or an academic success coordinator and take additional steps.

Important academic and transfer advising information is available to each student on the Office of Admissions and Advising’s website at Students are also required to utilize myHCC to check on the accuracy of their personal information such as address, phone, e-mail, learning program, and catalog year. Further information is available through the Office of Admissions and Advising at 443-518-1200, then select #3, or, or

Transfer Information and Advising

To ensure a successful transfer to other institutions and/or specific programs within institutions, it is each student’s responsibility to regularly meet with an advisor and utilize transfer resources. For example, the University System (USM) of Maryland institutions have designated certain programs as Limited Enrollment Programs. These programs differ by institution and may include such majors as business administration, computer science, engineering, teacher education and others. It is critical that students work closely with an advisor and visit the Transfer Center regularly to ensure they are meeting general and specific requirements, application deadlines, and other criteria right from the start.

The Transfer Center is part of the Office of Admissions and Advising (RCF-242). It provides the following services:

  • Transfer Advising and Assistance
  • Transfer Website –This website offers access to general information, a transfer activities and events calendar, ­college and university websites, transfer scholarship information, other online resources, information about articulation agreements, and more.
  • Transfer Fairs–the college conducts general and specialized transfer fairs during the fall and winter/spring terms to inform students about their many transfer options. representatives from a broad range of both public and private, and in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities are available to provide information. Specialized transfer fairs are also held for specific majors.
  • Transfer Workshops–Transfer workshops are conducted throughout the year and focus on various topics, including transfer scholarships, transferring as an international student, limited enrollment programs, professional school opportunities, and others.
  • Joint Transfer and Career Programs– Programs are available throughout the year. These sessions focus on specific career fields and related academic preparation, including transfer.
  • Transfer Representative Visits–representatives from individual schools visit the college throughout the year and are available to meet with students on an individual basis.
  • ARTSYS–An online transfer system designed to provide guidance to students planning to transfer to public colleges and universities, and several private institutions in Maryland.
  • CollegeView–A computer program offering virtual tours of North American college campuses.
  • Transfer Library–A collection of guidebooks, catalogs, DVDs, viewbooks, transfer applications, scholarship materials, and other resources are available.
  • Specialized Transfer Information–Information is available for students with specific concerns or interests, including information for international students, students with disabilities, athletes and others.
  • Transfer Institution Visits–Visits to other institutions are organized based on interest and special transfer initiatives.

For further information, visit or contact the Transfer Center located within the Office of Admissions and Advising (RCF-242; 443-518-1220;


HCC has developed a consortium agreement with Excelsior College in Albany, NY, providing an avenue for HCC students to complete degrees at both the associate and bachelor levels. Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the same body that accredits HCC. Students may transfer up to 90 credits earned at HCC to Excelsior, and may be eligible for discounted rates on Excelsior’s tuition and fees. Excelsior provides generous transfer benefits to students who have earned college credits through traditional and nontraditional avenues, including classroom instruction, military training and experience, employment experience, and CLEP, DSST, and Excelsior College exams, (all of which are administered through HCC’s TEST Center). Students can complete the bachelor’s degree programs through a combination of online classes and credit by examination. For more information about this consortium, visit or contact the Office of Admissions and Advising (443-518-1220;


The Office of Records, Registration and Veterans Affairs (rrva) oversees all forms of registration, including online (myHCC) and in-person registration services. The office is also responsible for related processes such as enrollment verification, the posting of grades, and the issuance of transcripts. RRVA administers the graduation process, including the graduation application process, issuance of diplomas and certificates, and Commencement. Students must provide a valid photo ID (preferably a student ID) in order to access services in person.

More information is available through the RRVA website or by contacting the office directly (RCF-233; 443-518-1240;

HCC is particularly concerned with the academic, career and personal advancement of men and women who are active duty service members, veterans of the United States Armed Forces and their dependents. Veterans benefits and tuition assistance processes are administered through RRVA.

Services include working with qualified students to initiate processes necessary to activate and maintain their education benefits, arrange participation in HCC’s Veterans Deferred Payment Plan, and tutorial services (in addition to tutorial services the college provides to all students). Veterans Affairs staff also facilitates access to other college services such as academic advising, financial assistance (including financial aid, scholarships and work-study; financial literacy), disability support services, personal and career counseling.

RRVA assists members of the Maryland National Guard with eligibility verification for in-county tuition rates and tuition discounts. It assists qualified spouses of active duty personnel with accessing Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA).

For more information about services for the military community and veterans, contact the Office of Records, Registration and Veterans Affairs (RCF-233; 443-518-1240;


It is the college’s goal that no student should be restricted from attending HCC because of limited financial resources. To meet this goal the college maintains a program of grants, scholarships, loans and part-time employment for eligible students who are accepted and enrolled in the college in a financial aid eligible certificate or degree program. Detailed information regarding financial aid and scholarships is located on pages 31-36. For further information, visit or contact Financial Aid Services (RCF-222; 443-518-1260;

For a full overview of all the college’s services to help students pay for college, go to


The Welcome and Information Center operates the campus switchboard and also provides counter service locations throughout the campus, including in the Rouse Company Foundation Student Services Hall (main location), the Hickory Ridge Building and the Burrill Galleria. The center provides students with general information regarding college programs, courses, and services. Information regarding office hours, locations, and directions to and from the campus are also available at each Welcome Center location. Students may obtain a copy of their schedule (proof of ID required). Notary services, voter registration information, and various college publications, such as the catalog and credit and noncredit class schedules, student handbook, and campus maps, are also available through the Welcome and Information Center. The Welcome and Information Center oversees the Student Ambassadors Program. Students interested in participating in this program should contact the Welcome and Information Center at 443-518-1000 or visit the main Welcome and Information Center location (RCF, first floor).

The main Welcome Center location also has Sorenson VRS video phone services for students and visitors who are deaf or hearing impaired.

To reach the Welcome and Information Center, call the college’s main number at 443-518-1000 (TTY users call via Maryland Relay).


Howard Community College (HCC) operates a Children’s Learning Center that supports and serves children ranging in age from eight weeks to five years old. All children must have up-to-date immunizations and infants must receive the first series of immunizations before they can be accepted.

HCC students are given first priority in enrolling their children, after which enrollment will be extended to children of faculty and staff. Afterwards, and only if space is available, registration will be opened to the community.

Infant care, ages eight weeks to 24 months, is available on a five-day/full-day basis. For faculty and staff whose children are 24 months or older after September 1, full-day care is available on a three- or five-day per week basis.

As part of the registration process, a non-refundable registration fee is assessed annually for all children of staff, faculty, and community members, and for children of HCC students who are enrolled in classrooms designated for children ages two years and older. Information pertaining to the operation of the Children’s Learning Center is available in the Children’s Learning Center Handbook.


Career and Life Planning Services

Whether deciding on a major, preparing to enter the job market, or considering a career change, career and life planning services are available to students, prospective students, alumni and community members. The college offers a wide range of career and life planning services which help students focus on their values, interests, skills, and personality traits. These services include individualized career counseling, special topic workshops, career assessments, and job assistance services. The Resource Library is open to the public and provides a variety of job and career materials, including printed resources, video tapes, and computerized self-assessment and career exploration programs. For further information, contact the Counseling and Career Services Office, room RCF-302 or call 443-518-1340. For additional resources, please visit our website at

Cooperative Education/Internships

Cooperative education (co-ops) and internships are supervised work experiences directly related to a student’s learning program and/or career interests. The basic purpose is to integrate classroom theory with work applications. For further information, contact the Counseling and Career Services Office, room RCF-302 or call 443-518-1340.

Employment Counseling

Employment Counseling is available to students, alumni and community members who are interested in pursuing full time, part time, permanent and temporary positions. Available resources include:

  • job books listing current openings in the Baltimore/Washington corridor.
  • job hunting reference materials featuring books and videos about resume writing, interviewing skills, creative job search techniques, and related topics.
  • HCC Jobs Online, job matching database that can be accessed via the internet at Employment Counseling services include:
  • individual assistance in resume writing and interviewing/job search techniques provided on an appointment basis.
  • customized workshops on a wide range of topics as requested by the college community.
  • ob fairs are held each semester and on campus recruiter visits are scheduled regularly.

For further information, contact the Counseling and Career Services Office, room RCF-302 or call 443-518-1340.

Personal Counseling

College can sometimes be a difficult and stressful time for students. With students trying to juggle school, work, and family responsibilities, there are times when these demands can be overwhelming. Personal counseling provides an opportunity to talk with an objective professional about your concerns. What is discussed with a personal counselor will remain confidential and will not be shared with others. There is short-term individual counseling, as well as crisis intervention, available to students who are struggling with a variety of issues. Personal counseling services are free of charge to HCC students. In addition, there are educational resources available on a wide range of mental health ­issues, as well as information and referral to community programs and services. Personal counselors are available by appointment. To schedule an appointment or for further information, contact the Counseling and Career Services Office, room RCF-302, or call 443-518-1340. Please feel free to visit our webpage at for additional resources.

Learning Assistance Center

The Learning Assistance Center provides tutoring and academic support services to all students enrolled in credit courses who would like to become more successful and efficient learners. The LAC, located in RCF-340, provides free group tutoring in most courses offered at the college. Drop-in tutoring services are scheduled and advertised each semester. The LAC conducts workshops on study skills, learning styles, time management, memory building, notetaking, and test-taking. Drop-in help for writing assignments is available in the Write Room, located inside the LAC. Tutoring, writing, and study skills software are available for use on computers. For further information, call 443-518-1320.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a federally-funded program offering free comprehensive services to eligible students. Eligibility criteria include low-income and/or first generation college (neither parent received a four-year college degree), and/or a documented disability.

The program’s goal is to increase the retention and graduation rates of students at the college. The Student Support Services Program provides free, individualized instruction by academic specialists in the areas of math, reading, writing, English as a second language, and study skills. Learning disabilities specialists assist students who have varying learning styles. Free individual tutoring is available in most courses. Personal, academic, financial aid, career, and transfer counseling is available to program students. Advocacy, assistance with accommodations, and equipment are also available for students with disabilities. For further information, call 443-518-1300 or come to room RCF-302.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Howard Community College is committed to providing an accessible education and supportive learning environment for all students. A noncredit student with disabilities who requires special accommodations must notify the division of continuing education and workforce development, in writing, two weeks before the first class begins so that suitable assistance may be provided in a timely fashion. A student with disabilities who is enrolled in credit classes should schedule an appointment with a counselor in the disability support services (DSS) office. The student must provide appropriate documentation of the disability to this office. The counselor will create an accommodations contract and the student and the counselor will agree upon appropriate academic accommodations and both will sign this form. As a result of this, accommodation memos will be produced for each of the student’s instructors. The student will pick up these memos on the first day of class and will deliver these to the instructors. No accommodations will be granted unless the student delivers these memos to the instructors. All information provided will be kept confidential and will be used to determine appropriate and reasonable academic accommodations. To schedule a sign language interpreter, a credit student must notify the DSS office of the semester schedule at least two weeks prior to the start of classes. Because of a region-wide shortage of sign language interpreters, it is highly recommended that students needing interpreters work closely with the interpreter coordinator and complete early registration to give the college greater time to find an appropriate sign language interpreter. Interpreters are also available for college activities.

Services provided to students with documented disabilities include: advocacy, tutoring, interpreters, notetakers, test-taking accommodations, counseling, academic advising, and assistive technology. For further information regarding scheduling services, assistive technology, course waivers and substitutions, personal care attendants, service animals, the grievance process, or other concerns related to students with disabilities, please contact the DSS office at 443-518-1300 or 443-518-4606 TDD, at, or in person in room RCF-302.

Vocational Support Services

The Vocational Support Services is designed for students in vocational/career programs who are having academic difficulties or who have disabilities. Vocational Support Services Program provides free small group and individual tutoring in vocational courses, such as nursing, accounting, and electronics. Career counseling is available from a Career Specialist located in Career Services, room RCF-302. Group test reviews for vocational courses, and study skills and test-taking workshops are also available. The program assists students with disabilities majoring in vocational/career programs in arranging accommodations and specialized ­equipment.

Retention Services

Retention Services assists in the development of retention plans that support students’ academic persistence and success. This includes student monitoring, assessment, follow-up, skill reinforcement, co-curricular programming, and learning community involvement, which complements enhanced student performance. Programs monitored by Retention Services include Early Alert, Peer Mentoring, and Academic Suspension Appeals. For further information, call 443-518-1320.

Career Links

The Career Links program assists low-income single parents, displaced homemakers and single pregnant women to become economically self-sufficient. The goals of the program are to achieve education and career goals toward long-term economic self-sufficiency.

Career Links staff will help participants determine their goals and decide on the type of work they would like to do based on their interests and past experiences. If appropriate, the staff will help participants plan a program of study, assist with the application for college admission and financial aid, as well as facilitate the registration process. Information on resume writing, interviewing skills, the job search process, and job retention is provided. The staff will also assist program participants with concerns that interfere with job or school activities. Staff members can make referrals to a wide variety of community services. The Career Links program assists with any difficulty participants may encounter on their way to economic self-sufficiency.

Low-income single parents, displaced home­makers, or single pregnant women should contact the Counseling and Career Services ­Office for further information and to attend a Career Links program orientation. For further information, call 443-518-4954 or 443-518-1340.


The Test Center is located in RCF-359 and provides the college community and members of the larger community with secure, accessible, and professional testing services and resources. The Test Center enables students and other test takers to demonstrate knowledge, achieve certification, engage in professional development, enhance competencies, and validate skills developed through lifelong learning.

Among the exams administered by the Test Center are academic, placement, and professional certification exams, including the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST). The Test Center is an authorized testing site for Pearson VUE (which includes the computer-based version of the GED Test), Castle, Iso-Quality Testing, and Certiport.

The Test Center also administers the college’s clinical nursing admissions assessments. These exams must be taken to complete application requirements for the nursing program’s clinical segment. Assessment fees for the exam must be paid to the Cashier’s Office in order to sit for any nursing assessment. See page 25 for more information.

All examinees must present a current HCC student identification card, a photo identification card from another academic institution, or an unexpired government-issued photo identification document (e.g. driver’s license, passport) with a current photo. No exceptions to this policy will be made.

Food and drink are not permitted at the Test Center, including bottled water. No hats or head coverings of any kind will be permitted in testing areas unless worn for religious or medical reasons. Regardless of the reason for allowed headwear, the tester’s ears must be shown to a testing administrator in a private setting to ensure that no recording or listening devices are present. The Test Center will provide any calculators, writing utensils, or scrap paper required for testing. Under no circumstances are children or additional individuals besides the examinee allowed in the Test Center. All personal items must be placed in lockers, including books, notes, pens, pencils, calculators, cellular telephones, listening and recording devices, electronic devices, purses, watches, wallets, and keys. Lockers are available inside the center.

Proctoring fees are not charged for HCC academic or placement exams. Proctoring fees are charged over and above the cost of the exams for CLEP, DSST, Certiport nursing assessments, and other non-HCC exams in order to cover administrative expenses. Proctoring fees are paid at the Cashier’s Office (RCF-213). Fees are subject to change. Different charges and payment procedures apply depending on the type of examination. Further information is available on the Test Center website: (howardcc. edu/testcenter).

Registered HCC students who are taking HCC distance or hybrid courses and would like to test at other institutions must obtain approval from the course instructor, complete the off-site testing application, identify a National College Testing Association (NCTA) partner institution, and obtain permission from a Test Center supervisor at HCC for testing arrangements. Students are responsible for any fees charged by other institutions for proctoring services. The Test Center’s schedule is published each semester and is subject to change. All tests must be turned in by the posted closing time regardless of the time allocated for the exam.

The Test Center works closely with HCC’s Disability Support Services office to provide accommodations for all examinees with disabilities. Further information is available on the Test Center website at or by contacting the center directly at testcenter@ or 443-518-1280.


Student Life is comprised of the Student ­Government Association (SGA), the Student Program Board (SPB), Student Newspaper (The HCC Times), Co-Curricular and Diversity Programs, Wellness, the Game Room, Clubs and Leadership Development. Each area provides a distinct service and opportunity to HCC students that complement the classroom through social, multi-cultural, experiential and leadership experiences. Activities are planned based on student input and participation. Any student who has the desire is strongly encouraged to get involved with Student Life as a leader, participant, or volunteer to ensure that these programs are reflective of the interests of the student body.

Student Life also plans several off-campus trips such as Broadway plays, amusement parks, museums, and student leadership conferences. The Office of Student Life offers discounts and services to students and other members of the HCC community. For more information, call 443-518-1420 or email

All Student Life programs are funded by student-generated fees.

Email Address:
Location: Second floor of the Student Activities Building (SA 201).
For further information, call 443-518-1420.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) allows for student involvement in the development and administration of college policies and serves as the official voice of the student body. The SGA is comprised of the SGA president, officers and general membership. Working with the Student Life team, SGA is responsible for designating student funds to college clubs and organizations, as well as selecting specific themes and issues for programs brought to the college by the student body. SGA members also play a significant role in representing the student body on various college and statewide committees. All students are invited and encouraged to participate. For more information on the SGA structure and how to get involved, call or stop by the Student Life or Student Government offices. Email address:

Location: Second floor of the Student Activities Building (SA 201B).
For further information, call 443-518-4573.

Student Program Board

The Student Program Board (SPB) is responsible for selecting, planning and implementing a diverse offering of social and educational activities for all HCC students. This board is overseen by the SPB chairperson and comprised of full and part-time students. Students wishing to serve on this board are invited to join by talking with the SPB chairperson (SA 201E) or contacting the Assistant Director of Student Life (SA 201). Activities include, but are not limited to dances, movies, concerts, lectures, films, cultural arts and special events. Email address:

Location: Second floor of the Student Activities Building (SA 201E).
For further information, call 443-518-4845.

The HCC Times

The student newspaper is published monthly by students for the college community. The editor and staff work with the many different departments on campus to keep the school population informed about school events, resources and club activities.

The paper needs student participation, and wishes to encourage any student having an interest in working on the newspaper staff to contact the paper’s editor (SA 201C) or a Student Life staff member. Opportunities exist for experiences in photography, ­desktop publishing, layout and design, advertising, ­creative writing and reporting. Email address:

Location: Second floor of the Student Activities Building (SA 201C).
For further information, call 443-518-4937.

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center provides a centralized location for students to learn more about wellness related topics, address health concerns, and take action toward self-improvement. The main goal of the Wellness Center is to empower students to make informed decisions about their health, ultimately enhancing their well-being and quality of life. The Wellness Center will have a variety of educational materials, host educational health workshops, plan awareness activities and provide students with referrals as necessary. Areas of focus include but are not limited to, stress management, nutrition, fitness, reproductive health, alcohol and substance abuse and preventative health services. Visit the wellness center and find balance and harmony in all aspects of your life. The Wellness Center also provides discounted acupuncture, massage and zero balancing to current students. To schedule an appointment visit For more information, please call 443-518-4950.
Location: CL 178

The Game Room

The Game Room is equipped with a widescreen TV, pool tables, table tennis, foosball, and video game systems free of charge for students. Board games and tables are also ­provided for student enjoyment. See the Assistant Game Room Manager, the Assistant Director of Co-Curricular ­Programs, or stop by the Student Life office for details.
Location: First floor of the Student Activities Building (SA 101).
For further information, call 443-518-1420.


Clubs are formed by students who have a common interest and wish to explore topics and issues that relate to a particular subject; sometimes sharing information with the college community. A list of existing clubs is available in the Office of Student Life. If students desire to start a club, they should contact the Student Government Association at or stop by Student Life (SA 201).


The intercollegiate athletic program is an integral part of the college’s educational objectives. The program is part of a network of services provided to enhance the student life environment. As a member of the NJCAA, the Maryland JUCO Conference, and Region XX, the college provides programs to appeal to a vast majority of the Howard Community College student body.

At present, our sports program offers men’s and women’s lacrosse, women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, basketball, cross country, and outdoor track. Participation requires full-time academic enrollment, unless a student possesses a documented learning disability dated within three years of initial college enrollment. For further information, contact a coach in the Athletic & Fitness Center at 443-518-1380.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA)

HCC is a Division III school (Division II in Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Division I in Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse) and a member of the Maryland Juco Athletic Conference and NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association). The college does not offer ANY athletically related aid to Division III programs. There are athletic scholarships available in DI which are men’s and women’s lacrosse, and DII which are men’s and women’s basketball programs. The athletic program is funded through a portion of student consolidated fees. A full disclosure of gender participation, expenditures and other resources are made available by the college in the main office in the Athletic & Fitness Center.

Athletic and Fitness Center

All students must have a current student ID to show to the lobby monitor upon entering the building. There is a limited number of daily lockers available. Bring your own lock. There are open swim, gym and weight room times available for student use. All students need to sign in on a daily basis. Information is located in the Center or at the website

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Astronomy - ASTR
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Biology - BIOL 
Biomedical Engineering - BMET
Business - BMGT 
Cardiovascular Technology - CARD
Chemistry - CHEM 
Chinese - CHNS 
Cisco - CSCO 
Computer-Aided Design - CADD
Computer Forensics - CFOR 
Computer Systems - CMSY 
Conflict Resolution - CRES
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Cooperative Education - COOP
Criminal Justice - CRIM 
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Sonography - DMSU

Economics - ECON 
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Environmental Science - ENST
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Fine Arts - FINE 
First-Year Experience - FYEX
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Geology - GEOL

German - GERM 
Greek - GREK 
Health Care - HEAL 
Health Education - HEED 
Hebrew - HBRW
Hindi - HNDI
History - HIST 
Horticulture - HORT 
Hospitality Management - HMGT
Human Development - HMDV 
Human Services - HUMS 
Humanities - HUMN
Interior Design - INDS
Italian - ITAL 
Japanese - JPNS
Korean - KORE 
Life Fitness - LFIT 
Mathematics - MATH 
Medical Laboratory
Technician - MLTS

Meteorology - METO 
Microsoft - MSFT 
Music - MUSC 
Nursing - NURS 
Nutrition - NUTR
Office Technology - OFFI 
Philosophy - PHIL 
Physical Therapist
Assistant - PTAP
Physics - PHYS 
Political Science - POLI 
Portuguese - PORT
Psychology - PSYC 
Public Health - PUBH
Radiologic Technology - RADT
Retailing - RETL 
Russian - RUSS 
Social Work - SOWK
Sociology - SOCI 
Spanish - SPAN 
Speech - SPCH 
Television and Radio - TVRD
Theatre - THET 
Turkish - TURK
Women's Studies - WMST