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hcc catalogue '11-'12

Course Descriptions


SOCI-101   Introduction to Sociology
3 Credits (Social and Behavioral
Sciences Core)

Through this introduction to sociology, the student will develop an understanding of the basic concepts of sociology including culture, socialization, social stratification and social change and be able to apply these concepts to social problems and everyday life experiences. Students will be exposed to sociological  informa- tion and ideas which will help them understand and clarify their own norms, values and attitudes. Prerequisite: Eligible to enroll  in ENGL-121. (3 hours weekly)

SOCI-102   Social Problems
3 Credits (Social and Behavioral
Sciences Core)

The general objective of this course is to give students  a broad  over view of contemporar y problems both in America and around the world. This course will analyze social problems, both internationally  and here in the United States using various sociological perspectives. We will use the tools of sociology–its analytical insights, 
its theoretical frameworks, and its methods to ask questions about what constitutes a social problem, when does a social condition become problematic, who are advocating which strate- gies for solutions or social change. We will focus on three general classes of social  problems: problems  of social inequalit y and  conflict, problems arising within specific social institu- tions (family life, education, crime, and health care), and problems arising from social change (environmental  crises, population growth, and social upheaval). In each case, we will study what is known: (1) about the problem and recent trends therein, (2) its causes and consequences, and (3) individual and societal responses to the phenomenon.  Prerequisite: Eligible to enroll in ENGL-121. (3 hours  weekly)

SOCI-103   The Sociology of the Family
3 Credits

The Sociology of the Family will introduce the student to the sociological study of the family. In part one of the course, we will examine the American family in historical and cross-cultural perspective, and in the process achieve a clearer understanding of what the family does and how it has changed. Part two will examine the various paths to family formation and the responsibilities and expectations we have as family members.  In part three we will shift focus to the larger social forces that shape families and the implications this has for a social policy of the family. Finally we will turn to the stresses the contemporary family endures and the possibilities this holds for the future of the family. Prerequisite: Eligible to enroll  in ENGL-121. (3 hours  weekly)

SOCI-111   Introduction to Women’s
Studies: Women, Gender and Society
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

An interdisciplinary  study of the construction of gender and its intersection with race and class in the United  States. Based primarily  in the social sciences and social histor y, this  course  also draws on the arts, media, and popular culture in examining the impact of gender on society. Prerequisite: Eligible to enroll  in ENGL-121. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as WMST-111.

SOCI-115   Emerging World Issues
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This  course is an interdisciplinar y/emerging issues class that will introduce the student to selected issues emerging in our changing world. This course, using social science methodologies, will examine the historical, social, political and economic origins and manifestations of the issue under examination through an interdisciplinary 
exploration of film, art, literature, together with the economic, social, and social, and political infrastructures that drive the emerging global issue under study. Prerequisite: Eligible to enroll in ENGL-121. (3 hours  weekly)

SOCI-130   Human Sexuality
3 Credits

Through this introduction to the field of human sexuality, the student will be able to recall and describe historical and current research knowl- edge related to physiological, psychological, anthropological,  and sociological aspects of human sexuality across the life span. Students will discuss and evaluate their own beliefs and values relevant to the topics of various types of sexual behavior, sexual problems and their treatments. In addition, the student will be able to describe important legal and ethical sexual is- sues. Prerequisite:  Eligible to enroll  in ENGL-121. (3 hours weekly)  NOTE: Also listed as HEED-130.

SOCI-160   The Aging Process: Gerontology
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course will focus on the physiological, psychological and social changes that impact upon the aging population. In addition the stu- dent will  focus on assessment and counseling skills relevant to preser ving independence  in the aged, and meeting the health needs of the aging population. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as AGNG-160.

SOCI-201   Minorities in American
3 Credits

Minorities in American Society will introduce stu- dents to a sociological  investigation of the racial, ethnic and gender stratification system found in the United  States. This course will introduce the student to concepts essential to the sociological analysis of the American  stratification system such as prejudice, discrimination,  minority, race, ethnicity and gender. This course will ex- amine the historical process through which the American racial and ethnic stratification system was socially constructed, and it will examine the various theoretical perspectives that have emerged in the attempt to understand this his- torical process. It will also teach the student to apply these concepts and theories to an analysis of contemporary social problems and to his or her everyday life experiences. The student will be exposed to sociological information and ideas that will help him or her to understand and to critically analyze the world we live in. Prerequi- site: ENGL-121. (3 hours  weekly)


SOCI-202   Urban Sociology
3 Credits

Urban Sociology is a lecture and discussion course in which  the student will analyze the social relationships of man in his urban environ- ment. The student will examine the way in which spacial and physical dimensions of urban areas have been shaped; describe the various life styles of urbanized man; analyze the growth, develop- ment and planning of suburbs and new towns; and examine a number of social problems facing urban America including effective government, zoning and land use, housing, education, urban planning  and crime.  Prerequisite:  ENGL-121. (3 hours weekly)

SOCI-203   Sociology of Sport
3 Credits

Through  this course, the student will analyze contemporary sport using theoretical tools and research methods of sociology. The student will investigate the ways in which sport is shaped by social forces such as culture, economics, politics, stratification, globalization and consumerism. The student will also study the effects of sport on the larger society by examining sport’s societal functions, its influence on social interaction, and its relation to various social problems including deviance and inequality. Prerequisite: ENGL-121. (3 hours weekly)


hcc catalogue '11-'12

Accounting - ACCT
Aging Services - AGNG
American Sign Language - AMSL
Anthropology - ANTH
Arabic - ARAB 
Art - ARTT 
Astronomy - ASTR
Bioinformatics - BFMT 
Biology - BIOL 
Biomedical Engineering - BMET
Business - BMGT 
Cardiovascular Technology - CARD
Chemistry - CHEM 
Chinese - CHNS 
Cisco - CSCO 
Computer-Aided Design - CADD
Computer Forensics - CFOR 
Computer Systems - CMSY 
Conflict Resolution - CRES
Construction Management - CNST 
Cooperative Education - COOP
Criminal Justice - CRIM 
Culinary Management - CMGT 
Dance - DANC
Dental Hygiene - DHYG 
Diagnostic Medical
Sonography - DMSU

Economics - ECON 
Education - EDUC 
Electronics - ELEC 
Emergency Medical Technician/
Paramedic - EMSP
Engineering -ENES 
English- ENGL 
Entrepreneurship - ENTR 
Environmental Science - ENST
Exercise Science - EXSC 
Farsi - FARS
Film - FILM 
Financial Planning- FNPL 
Fine Arts - FINE 
First-Year Experience - FYEX
French - FREN 
Geography - GEOG
Geology - GEOL

German - GERM 
Greek - GREK 
Health Care - HEAL 
Health Education - HEED 
Hebrew - HBRW
Hindi - HNDI
History - HIST 
Horticulture - HORT 
Hospitality Management - HMGT
Human Development - HMDV 
Human Services - HUMS 
Humanities - HUMN
Interior Design - INDS
Italian - ITAL 
Japanese - JPNS
Korean - KORE 
Life Fitness - LFIT 
Mathematics - MATH 
Medical Laboratory
Technician - MLTS

Meteorology - METO 
Microsoft - MSFT 
Music - MUSC 
Nursing - NURS 
Nutrition - NUTR
Office Technology - OFFI 
Philosophy - PHIL 
Physical Therapist
Assistant - PTAP
Physics - PHYS 
Political Science - POLI 
Portuguese - PORT
Psychology - PSYC 
Public Health - PUBH
Radiologic Technology - RADT
Retailing - RETL 
Russian - RUSS 
Social Work - SOWK
Sociology - SOCI 
Spanish - SPAN 
Speech - SPCH 
Television and Radio - TVRD
Theatre - THET 
Turkish - TURK
Women's Studies - WMST