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hcc catalogue '11-'12

Course Descriptions


HMGT-101 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
3 Credits

This introductory course acquaints the student with the scope and complexity of the hospitality industry by exploring the national and global relationships of lodging, food, and beverage operations. The course examines career opportunities, organizational structures, history and human resource management. Students will examine trends, integrated technology and its effects on customer and guest service in requirements in the lodging and food service industry. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-110 Introduction to Casino Management
3 Credits

This introductory course acquaints the student with the unique traits of the casino industry. The student will have the opportunity to contrast and compare the casino industry with other segments of the hospitality industry. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-111 Foodservice Safety and Sanitation
1 Credit

This course develops the knowledge of basic principles of sanitation and safe food handling in hospitality operations. The course focuses on prevention of food borne illnesses and introduces the students to HACCP planning and implementation. Successful completion of the course can lead to certification as a “Safe Food Handler” by the National Restaurant Association. (1 hour weekly)

HMGT-116 Casino Organization and Culture
2 Credits

This introductory course acquaints the student with the organizational structure, the organizational culture, and the ethical responsibility toward disordered gambling of modern casinos. Prerequisites: HMGT-101 and HMGT-110. (2 hours weekly)

HMGT-120 Food Preparation I
3 Credits

Following this introductory course in food production, students will be able to identify and analyze the elements of safe food preparation that include food chemistry, basic cooking techniques and proper use of preparation utensils and equipment. Students will also prepare small quantity, industry standard menus in a commercial kitchen setting. (2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab) Successful completion of ServSafe and possession of approved utensils and uniform required.

HMGT-160  Introduction to Travel and Tourism
2 Credits

A study of the components of the tourism industry and their interrelationships is the focus of this course. A review of the roles of tour companies, travel agencies, government bureaus, tourism associations and others that assemble, promote and sell tourism services are included. Students will be able to operate within a tourism setting. (2 hours weekly)

HMGT-163 Introduction to Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions
3 Credits

This course provides the student with an introductory approach to the various types of meetings and conventions, the types of organizations that stage these events, and how to reach and sell to this important group segment. It also includes the aspects of meeting and convention service. The course examines practical advice on how to reach each of the group meeting market segments, how to implement successful sales strategies, and how to ensure that an event flows smoothly. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-164 Event Management
3 Credits
The course provides the student with an introductory approach to planning and executing meetings, special events and conferences. The course examines practical advice on every aspect of organizing and managing special events, such as how to choose the best venue; preparing and managing the budget; scheduling; coordinating food and beverages, selecting decor, themes, and entertainment; media; and staffing. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-165 Introduction to the Cruise Ship Industry
3 Credits

This introductory course acquaints the student with current issues and trends related to the cruise industry. This also includes different types of cruise lines and the reasons for the popularity of this mode of travel. The course will focus on major elements of sea-based and land-based cruise preparation. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-180 Hospitality Management
2 Credits

Student will spend at least 240 hours of directed study in a chosen area of the hospitality industry at an off‑campus facility. The faculty instructor and industry mentor will provide and coordinate course objectives, applicable experiences and evaluation. Student will maintain a written journal of internship experiences. Prerequisite: HMGT-101. (1 hour weekly plus field experience)

HMGT-220 Food Preparation II
3 Credits

This is an advanced course in food preparation that covers international cuisine and theme menus. It builds on the skills acquired in HMGT-120. Students will learn to plan menus, write recipes that incorporate established food safety standards, schedule labor and production, and execute meals for up to 50 customers. Prerequisite: HMGT-120. (2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab weekly)

HMGT-225 Hospitality Purchasing and Cost Control
3 Credits

This course will prepare students to employ the principles of effective food, beverage, and supply purchasing and the cost controls necessary to support food preparation and service departments of a hospitality operation. The course will include procurement, types of markets, food product identification and selection, beverage selection, nonfood products, costing procedures, product yields, and value analysis. Students will acquire knowledge of computerized purchasing, record keeping, and recipe costing and nutritional analysis. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-235 Casino Marketing
3 Credits

This introductory course acquaints the student with factors affecting the effective marketing of a modern casino. The external environment is explored along with the decisions made by individual consumers. The student is exposed to segmentation, positioning, the Service-Profit Chain, and revenue management as well as ethical considerations affecting marketing decisions. Prerequisites: HMGT-101 and HMGT-110. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-242 Lodging Management and Operations
3 Credits

This course presents a detailed study of the management systems in hotel or lodging settings. The student will be able to identify and analyze all relevant departments within a hotel setting. Management of these divisions, along with an examination of inter-departmental operations will be examined. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-244 Managing the Housekeeping Operation
2 Credits

This course assists students with the development of practical applications of housekeeping operation including the planning, organizing, staffing, and control techniques required to assure quality service. The course examines appropriate personal and professional practices, career opportunities, and organizational structures within a housekeeping department. Prerequisites: HMGT-101 and HMGT-242. (2 hours weekly)

HMGT-245 Casino Surveillance Operations
3 Credits

This course acquaints the student with casino surveillance. It specializes in on-site casino surveillance and security. The student is exposed to work done in corporate and Native American casinos related to surveillance, security, and gaming regulation agencies. Prerequisites: HMGT-101 and HMGT-110. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-250 Food and Beverage Management and Service
3 Credits

This course is a comprehensive review of operations pertaining to food and beverage management. Students will examine various carets, responsibilities, management issues, and operations as they pertain to food and beverage. Students will engage in the theory and practice of service fundamentals. Basic service styles, such as French, Russian, and American service will be taught along with the management functions as they pertain to customer service. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-255 Casino Operations
3 Credits

This course acquaints the student with the various games and gaming devices used in a casino. The techniques used to protect the games and gaming devices, casino floor layout criteria, departmental organization, and performance analysis are explored. The student will learn the basics of casino mathematics. Prerequisites: HMGT-101 and HMGT-110. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-260 Fundamentals of Wines, Spirits, and Beers
3 Credits

This course provides an overview of production, origins, purchasing, and responsible service of wines, spirits, and beers. There will also be an emphasis on the principles of matching fine wines and beers with appropriate menu items. Prerequisites: HMGT-101 and HMGT-250. (3 hours weekly)

HMGT-285 Dining Room Service
1 Credit

The student will be involved in a directed study as part of an on-campus dining facility. This course is designed to give students an opportunity to gain experience in the wide range of skills and techniques that are directly associated with restaurant management by developing, producing, and evaluating an authentic dining experience. The students are expected to make managerial decisions and provide strong leadership, training, and guidance to classmates in the production of a realistic and successful dining experience. Prerequisite: CMGT-100, HMGT-101, and HMGT-120 (3 hour lab weekly)

HMGT-290 Food and Beverage Management Field Internship
1 Credit

Student will spend at least 120 hours of directed study in a chosen area of the hospitality industry at an off‑campus facility. The faculty instructor and industry mentor will provide and coordinate course objectives, applicable experiences, and evaluation. Student will maintain a written journal of internship experiences. Prerequisites: CMGT-100, HMGT-101 and HMGT-250. (3 hours weekly field experience)

hcc catalogue '11-'12

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Biology - BIOL 
Biomechanical Engineering - BMET
Business - BMGT 
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Computer-Aided Design - CADD
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