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hcc catalogue '11-'12

Course Descriptions


HEED-100   Introduction to Lifetime
1 Credit (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course is designed to provide the student with the principles and methods necessary to maintaining personal fitness and health. The concept of wellness, and the roles of physical fitness, nutrition, weight management, and stress play in personal wellness development  are ex- amined. Participation in labs, classroom activi- ties, and take-home assignments will assist the student in evaluating their personal fitness levels as well as developing  a strategy for improvement. (1 hour weekly)

HEED-101    Health and the World of
1 Credit (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course will introduce students to the world of risk behavior as it relates to personal health. Through the examination of health and risk theor y students  will better understand  why individuals make seemingly irrational and often dangerous decisions related to their personal health. Some of the familiar themes that will be explored include sexual risk taking, drug use and abuse, nutrition  and others. Students will participate in the development and implementa- tion of a campus health event during this course. (1 hour weekly)

HEED-102   Introduction to Weight
1 Credit (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and means for developing a personal weight control plan. The course will examine commercial diet programs, fad diets, and effective weight loss strategies. Students will study the role body composition and weight have in health/wellness. (1 hour weekly)

HEED-104   Personal Nutrition
1 Credit (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

Students are introduced  to a computerized nutritional  assessment program. Students evalu- ate their current nutritional status and develop strategies for improvement. Various group discus- sions, lectures, and labs provide students with the means to critically  evaluate their  dietar y practices. (1 hour weekly)

HEED-106   Introduction to Stress
1 Credit (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the concepts of stress management and the application of these con- cepts to personal stress management. Students will be presented with various tools and strate- gies for managing stress and will use these to develop an individual  stress management plan. (1 hour weekly)

HEED-109   Basic CPR and First Aid
2 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course is designed to acquaint students with theories and techniques of CPR and First Aid and Safety. After the successful completion of this course a one-year card will be awarded in Infant, Child and Adult CPR (valid  one year) and certification in First Aid  and Safety (valid three years). (2 hours weekly)

HEED-110   Introduction to Personal
1 Credit (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course is designed to provide the student with an over view of the components of wellness. These components  will include  stress, physical fitness, nutrition, safety, and weight management. The principles, concepts, and practices neces- sary to improve one’s personal wellness will be examined. Students will participate in presenta- tions, laboratories, and assessments designed to evaluate their individual wellness plan to improve areas of concern. (1 hour weekly)

HEED-112   First Aid and Safety
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

A study of techniques of cardiopulmonar y resuscitation, including one- and two-person rescue for infants, children  and adults and use of resuscitation mask, BVM and AED in emergency situations. This course will prepare you to make appropriate decisions regarding first aid care 
and to act on those decisions. Students will be eligible  to receive CPR and First Aid Certification. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-113   Drug Use and Abuse
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course will examine drug use relevant to the use and abuse of drugs. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to identify the physiological, psychological, social and cultural implications of drug use. In addition  the historical and legal aspects of drug use will be presented in the context of this course. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-114   Introduction to Therapeutic
3 Credits

This course is designed to explore fundamental topics in the use of therapeutic massage and its role in the wellness model of the healthcare system. The history  of massage will be intro- duced and relevant research into the validity of this modality will be discussed. The ethical and professional  standards for  massage therapists are presented as well as workplace  standards, professional alliances, and practice management issues. Time  will also be devoted to discus- sions of  massage manipulations,  body work techniques, the purpose of touch and emerging trends in the field. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-115   Personal and Community
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course will synthesize the important facts and concepts of a variety of college level courses including biology, physiology, anatomy, ecology, psychology, and sociology into a meaningful dialogue that will motivate the student to modify their health practices to a high level of effective and enjoyable living. Prerequisite: Eligible to enroll  in ENGL-121. (3 hours  weekly)

HEED-116   Fundamentals of Spiritual
3 Credits

This  course, based on Eastern thought,  will provide the student the opportunity to under- stand one’s spiritual nature. Major topics include states of consciousness, the subconscious mind, thoughts and attitudes, death and dying. Students will learn the connection between the chakras (energy body)  and the physical body. Various meditation and visualization techniques will be experienced. Upon completion of this course the student will gain a fuller understanding and connection with intuition and self-awareness. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as PHIL-116.

HEED-117   Basic Life Support for the
Healthcare Professional
1 Credit

This course is designed to acquaint students with theories and techniques of Basic Life Sup- port for the Healthcare Professional. After the successful completion  of this course, a two-year card from the American Heart Association in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers will be awarded. (1 hour weekly)

HEED-118   Introduction to
1 Credit

This course introduces the student to the impor- tant basic concepts of pharmacology. Major drug classifications will be described. The focus will be the discussion of applications of drug therapy. (1 hour weekly)

HEED-120   Medical Aspects of
Chemical Dependency
3 Credits

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to identify concepts relevant to alcohol- ism and the medical aspects of addiction. In ad- dition, the course will include the pharmacology of alcohol  and other addictive substances. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as HUMS-120.

HEED-121   Introduction to Chemical
Dependency Treatment
3 Credits

This course provides students with the opportu- nity to study the various modalities of addiction therapy. Counseling skills and the philosophical aspects of addiction will also be presented in this course. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as HUMS-121.

HEED-122   Individual Counseling
3 Credits

This course will make available for use clinical methods that attend both to developing diagnos- tic understanding and to implementing treatment skills with mental health and/or chemically abus- ing/dependent  populations. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as HUMS-122.

HEED-123   Group Counseling Skills
3 Credits

Students will receive training in a group-coun- seling model for use with both mental health and chemically abusing/dependent clients. The emphasis will fall on the group, client and counselor contributions to the group process, and how these factors influence and interrelate with one another. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as HUMS-123.

HEED-124   Family Counseling Skills
3 Credits

The family is defined  as a complex  interactive system. Traditional  views of pathology will be redefined as students come to view family prob- lems such as substance abuse, mental  abuse, and other psychosocial problems. Students will think diagnostically about families utilizing theory and various techniques, strategies, and approaches that are relevant to working with families. (3 hours weekly)  NOTE: Also listed as HUMS-124.

HEED-125   Ethics in Professional
3 Credits

This  course will examine  ethics in today’s evolving healthcare environment. This course will look  at the evolution  of privacy and the ethical dilemmas that result from current laws, social and cultural implications. A practitioner’s approach to ethics has a direct impact on the quality of patient care and the liability of the organization for which they work. Healthcare practitioners, i.e., substance abuse counselors, psychiatric aides, gerontologists, social ser vices workers, are expected to be knowledgeable about today’s healthcare laws and ethical codes. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-130   Human Sexuality
3 Credits

Through this introduction to the field of human sexuality, the student will be able to recall and describe historical and current research knowl- edge related to physiological, psychological, anthropological,  and sociological aspects of human sexuality across the life span. Students will discuss and evaluate their own beliefs and values relevant to the topics of various types of sexual behavior, sexual problems and their treatments. In addition, the student will be able to describe important legal and ethical sexual is- sues. Prerequisite:  Eligible to enroll  in ENGL-121. (3 hours weekly)  NOTE: Also listed as SOCI-130.

HEED-140   The Philosophy and
Practice of Tai Chi
3 Credits

This course is designed to introduce the student to the philosophical, historical, and technical bases of Tai Chi. Students will be taught and will develop the skills necessary to perform the Sun Style form of Tai Chi. (4 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as PHIL-140.

HEED-141   The Philosophy and
Practice of Yoga
3 Credits

This introductory  course in Yogic philosophy is unique in that it inter weaves the intellectual and the experiential, so that the ancient yet timely truths and principles of Yoga are studied, explored, and practiced through Yoga postures, breath, awareness, reflection, writing, discussion, meditation, and action. (4 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as PHIL-141.

HEED-150   Women’s Health
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course will introduce students to a variety of women’s  health issues as well as the barriers faced by women striving to achieve a healthful lifestyle. Students will examine topics including: female sexual health and reproduction, exercise and eating behaviors, substance abuse, mental health and stress, and violence against women. This course is designed to support students in their personal exploration  of attitudes, knowl- edge and values related to women’s health and to assist them  as they analyze their  personal health behaviors. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as WMST-150.

HEED-155   Introduction to Conflict
Resolution: Science and Art
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

The purpose of this course is to introduce stu- dents to both different perspectives on conflict and different  strategies for resolving conflict. Conflict will be explored in different contexts, including intergroup conflict, cross-cultural con- flict, and international conflict, with an emphasis on interpersonal  conflict.  Most importantly, students will be asked to reflect on their own style of conflict  resolution and the pertinence of the material covered to conflict  resolution in their own lives. Course content will include experiential  learning and role play. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as CRES-155.

HEED-200   Health/Fitness Leader
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This class is designed to provide  the student who is interested in the wellness field with the knowledge  and skills necessary to function  as an exercise/fitness leader. The class covers core behavioral  objectives set up for  the following certifications:  American College of Sports Medi- cine’s Exercise Leader, the National Strength and Conditioning’s  Certified Personal Trainer, and the American Council for Exercise Personal Trainer. Students will be introduced  to various aspects of the exercise/fitness field including risk factor evaluation, fitness assessment, exercise prescription, and program development. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-210   Foundations of Health
Education and Health Behavior
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course will examine the scientific and philo- sophical bases for various theories of health, including health, wellness, individual control and limitations  of health status, and holistic health. Also examined will be the psychological, social psychological,  and sociological  approaches to the following  health areas: development of health attitudes and behavior, patient-provider interaction and the organization of health care. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-212   Current Health Issues
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course will examine  issues and  trends relevant to consumer health decisions. Environ- mental health, the health care system and mental health are topics included in the course. Upon completion  of the course the student will be able to identify current consumer health issues related to health of the nation. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-213   Stress Management
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course is designed to provide the student with the principles and methods necessary to developing a personal stress management plan as well as experience  various means of stress re- duction and relaxation. The concept of wellness, and the role stress and stress management play in personal wellness development are examined. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-216   Health Care in the US
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the impact of current legislative regulations on the health care delivery system, the effect of economics  on treatment choices, and an exploration of issues in Medicaid and Medicare. The course includes an over view of the health care system and an examination of the medical infrastructure with a historical perspective. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-218   Organizational
Management in Health Care
3 Credits

This course offers an understanding of the skills needed for a new breed of clinically trained managers. Students learn about the health care environment, the classic definition  of the man- ager’s function (planning,  organizing, decision making, staffing, and controlling),  and practical skills for managing in the health care environ- ment. An emphasis is placed on case studies, presentations, and other exercises to reinforce the classroom learning. Prerequisite: ENGL-121 or ENGL-101. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-220   Crisis Intervention
3 Credits

Learn the basics of Crisis Inter vention within the global arena and how it affects all of us. You will also learn how to understand, interpret and work with crisis within our own lives and those of fam- ily and friends. This class will explore the affects of suicide, alcohol/drug abuse, child abuse, crisis in the workplace and in the school setting and posttraumatic stress disorder. (3 hours weekly)

HEED-227   Cross-Cultural Community
Health Service and Learning Practicum
3 Credits

The community  ser vice and learning  practi- cum provides the opportunity for students to ser ve in a community  health agency. Through community health education these agencies address important  and current cross-cultural and/or international health issues, such as AIDS outreach, disease prevention, and wellness edu- cation. The goal of the practicum is to develop practical and professional skills in the creation, implementation and evaluation of programs de- signed to enhance the health of the population. Each student is assigned to a community health agency for eight hours weekly. A two-hour on- campus seminar is scheduled every other week. (9 hours lab weekly)

HEED-230   Health and the Disease
3 Credits

This course provides an introduction to the fun- damentals of general pathophysiology of disease processes. It is designed for students enrolled in health programs and those interested in pursuing an advanced degree in the medical/allied  health fields. Causes, signs and symptoms, incidence, treatment, and patient teaching are presented. Inter ventions to prevent disease and promote wellness are integrated into clinical  situations. Prerequisite: ENGL-121. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as PUBH-230.


hcc catalogue '11-'12

Accounting - ACCT
Aging Services - AGNG
American Sign Language - AMSL
Anthropology - ANTH
Arabic - ARAB 
Art - ARTT 
Astronomy - ASTR
Bioinformatics - BFMT 
Biology - BIOL 
Biomedical Engineering - BMET
Business - BMGT 
Cardiovascular Technology - CARD
Chemistry - CHEM 
Chinese - CHNS 
Cisco - CSCO 
Computer-Aided Design - CADD
Computer Forensics - CFOR 
Computer Systems - CMSY 
Conflict Resolution - CRES
Construction Management - CNST 
Cooperative Education - COOP
Criminal Justice - CRIM 
Culinary Management - CMGT 
Dance - DANC
Dental Hygiene - DHYG 
Diagnostic Medical
Sonography - DMSU

Economics - ECON 
Education - EDUC 
Electronics - ELEC 
Emergency Medical Technician/
Paramedic - EMSP
Engineering -ENES 
English- ENGL 
Entrepreneurship - ENTR 
Environmental Science - ENST
Exercise Science - EXSC 
Farsi - FARS
Film - FILM 
Financial Planning- FNPL 
Fine Arts - FINE 
First-Year Experience - FYEX
French - FREN 
Geography - GEOG
Geology - GEOL

German - GERM 
Greek - GREK 
Health Care - HEAL 
Health Education - HEED 
Hebrew - HBRW
Hindi - HNDI
History - HIST 
Horticulture - HORT 
Hospitality Management - HMGT
Human Development - HMDV 
Human Services - HUMS 
Humanities - HUMN
Interior Design - INDS
Italian - ITAL 
Japanese - JPNS
Korean - KORE 
Life Fitness - LFIT 
Mathematics - MATH 
Medical Laboratory
Technician - MLTS

Meteorology - METO 
Microsoft - MSFT 
Music - MUSC 
Nursing - NURS 
Nutrition - NUTR
Office Technology - OFFI 
Philosophy - PHIL 
Physical Therapist
Assistant - PTAP
Physics - PHYS 
Political Science - POLI 
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Public Health - PUBH
Radiologic Technology - RADT
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Television and Radio - TVRD
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Turkish - TURK
Women's Studies - WMST