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hcc catalogue '11-'12

Course Descriptions


GEOL-107 Introduction to Physical Geology
3 Credits (Science Core)

This course is designed as an introduction to the composition and structure of the earth, its rocks and minerals, surface erosional and depositional features, and the agents that form them. Topics include plate tectonics, volcanoes, weathering and erosion, earthquakes, streams and groundwater, glaciers, shorelines, faults and geologic structures. For Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratory, see GEOL-117. (3 hours weekly)

GEOL-108 Historical Geology
3 Credits (Science Core)

This is a course in which the principles of physical geology and stratigraphy are used to study the history of the earth and its inhabitants. Geologic features such as rocks and fossils are used to interpret and date past events. The formations and geologic periods of North America will be emphasized. (3 hours weekly)

GEOL-115 Regional Geology
4 Credits

Regional Geology is a course which examines the major geological provinces of North America with regard to their topographic features and major rock structures. Basic concepts of phys­i­cal and/or historical geology will be further ­developed to provide students with better understanding of geological processes in their present day expression. An emphasis will be placed on the local provinces of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Four field trips are planned to study the geological features of the local provinces. Prerequisite: GEOL-107. (3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab weekly)

GEOL-117 Introduction to Physical Geology Lab
1 Credit (Science Core)

In this course, students will utilize the basic materials and tools of physical geology to identify common minerals and rocks. Students will learn to recognize surface erosional and depositional features on aerial photographs and topographic maps, and will interpret geologic faults and structures on geologic maps and models. There will be several field trips to local sites. Pre- or corequisite: GEOL-107. (3 hours lab weekly)

GEOL-118 Historical Geology Laboratory
1 Credit (Science Core)

In this laboratory course, students will analyze rock and fossil data, and apply the basic principles of stratigraphy to reconstruct geologic events. Geologic maps and cross-sections illustrating the geologic provinces of North America will be interpreted. There will be several field trips to local sites. Pre- or corequisite: GEOL-108. (3 hours lab weekly)

hcc catalogue '11-'12

Accounting - ACCT
Aging Services - AGNG
American Sign Language - AMSL
Anthropology - ANTH
Arabic - ARAB 
Art - ARTT 
Astronomy - ASTR
Bioinformatics - BFMT 
Biology - BIOL 
Biomechanical Engineering - BMET
Business - BMGT 
Cardiovascular Technology - CARD
Chemistry - CHEM 
Chinese - CHNS 
Cisco - CSCO 
Computer-Aided Design - CADD
Computer Forensics - CFOR 
Computer Systems - CMSY 
Conflict Resolution - CRES
Construction Management - CNST 
Cooperative Education - COOP
Criminal Justice - CRIM 
Culinary Management - CMGT 
Dance - DANC
Dental Hygiene - DHYG 
Diagnostic Medical
Sonography - DMSU

Economics - ECON 
Education - EDUC 
Electronics - ELEC 
Emergency Medical Technician/
Paramedic - EMSP
Engineering -ENES 
English- ENGL 
Entrepreneurship - ENTR 
Environmental Science - ENST
Exercise Science - EXSC 
Farsi - FARS
Film - FILM 
Financial PLanning- FNPL 
Fine Arts - FINE 
French - FREN 
Geography - GEOG 
Geology - GEOL 
German - GERM 
Greek - GREK 
Health Care - HEAL 
Health Education - HEED 
Hebrew - HBRW
Hindi - HNDI
History - HIST 
Horticulture - HORT 
Hospitality Management - HMGT
Human Development - HMDV 
Human Services - HUMS 
Humanities - HUMN
Interior Design - INDS
Italian - ITAL 
Japanese - JPNS
Korean - KORE 
Life Fitness - LFIT 
Mathematics - MATH 
Medical Laboratory
Technician - MLTS

Meteorology - METO 
Microsoft - MSFT 
Music - MUSC 
Nursing - NURS 
Nutrition - NUTR
Office Technology - OFFI 
Philosophy - PHIL 
Photonics - PHOT
Physical Therapist
Assistant - PTAP
Physics - PHYS 
Political Science - POLI 
Portuguese - PORT
Psychology - PSYC 
Public Health - PUBH
Radiologic Technology - RADT
Retailing - RETL 
Russian - RUSS 
Social Work - SOWK
Sociology - SOCI 
Spanish - SPAN 
Speech - SPCH 
Telecommunications - TELE
Television and Radio - TVRD
Theatre - THET 
Turkish - TURK
Wireless Communications - WCOM
Women's Studies - WMST