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hcc catalogue '11-'12

Course Descriptions


ENTR-100   Introduction to the
Entrepreneurial Process
2 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This interdisciplinary course is designed to help students to discover and develop the personal attributes needed to become a successful entre- preneur or intrapreneur. The core of the course focuses on the discovery and understanding of entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors within oneself. The student will begin to understand the competencies required to be an entrepreneur through  case studies, creative problem  solv- ing and exercises aimed at self-development. Students will identify, discuss and grow an idea about a business they might one day start. They will have an opportunity  to participate in the business planning process. (2 hours weekly)

ENTR-101   Entrepreneurship and
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This interdisciplinary  course is designed to in- troduce students to the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship,  a manageable process that can be applied across careers and work settings. It focuses on building entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors that will lead to creative solutions within community and organizational environ- ments. Course topics  include  the histor y of entrepreneurship, the role of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the 21st century global economy, and the identification of entrepreneurial opportu- nities. The elements of creative problem-solving, the development of a business concept/model, the examination  of feasibility studies, and the social/moral/ethical  implications of entrepre
neurship will be incorporated. This course is di- rected toward forging views of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as they operate in today’s world. Credit will only be granted for one of the following:   ENTR-100 or ENTR-101. Prerequisite: ENGL-121. (3 hours  weekly)

ENTR-102   Entrepreneurial Assessment
1 Credit

This course is a guided process that establishes a link between the entrepreneur and the Center for  Entrepreneurial  and Business Excellence (CEBE).  The  entrepreneur  will be  able  to identify the needs and goals of his existing or proposed  business and determine  the status of development and operation. An assessment report will develop from initial input from the entrepreneur to the business coach. Based on recommendations, the entrepreneur will analyze methods and pathways to pursue in accord with the ser vices and curricula offered by the CEBE. (1 hour weekly)

ENTR-103   Starting Your Own Business I
3 Credits

ENTR-103 provides  the  entrepreneur  with  a guide through the process of business start up or enhancement. Following the completion of the ENTR-103, the entrepreneur  will bring the business to successful launch or have discovered ways to improve the existing business. Goals and progress toward goals are reviewed with changes made as needed. The entrepreneur  participates in networking  with  other businesses and re- sources. The entrepreneur  uses these resources to enhance business opportunities. Prerequisite: ENTR-102. (3 hours weekly)

ENTR-104   Business Plan Development
3 Credits

In this course the entrepreneur participates in a se- ries of three modules that are critical components of a business plan. The entrepreneur will examine the industry that incorporates their business and will look at potential forces that may impact the success of their business. They will examine the customer base and competition. They will discuss how to produce revenue and growth and will examine the financial situation, with a projection of the company’s financial  future. Prerequisite: ENTR-102. (3 hours weekly)

ENTR-105   Business Plan Writing
1 Credit

In this course the entrepreneur assembles the component  parts of the business plan and completes the written document. The comple- tion of this document prepares the entrepreneur for funding. The entrepreneur will create  a plan which  is a road map that includes goals for producing revenue and additional  growth. Prerequisite: ENTR-104, ENTR-120 or ENTR 210. (1 hour weekly)

ENTR-106 Presenting the Business Plan
1 Credit

This course prepares the entrepreneur to de- scribe the particular company and present the business plan to potential funding sources. The basic principles and techniques of presentation and practice with feedback are included. The entrepreneur will present the business plan to a jury that includes select members of the advisory board, faculty, and other students. Prerequisite: ENTR-104 or ENTR-105 or ENTR-120 or ENTR-210. (1 hour weekly)

ENTR-107   Business Problem-Solving for the Entrepreneur
1 Credit

This course prepares the entrepreneur to identify one or more area(s) of need specific to the busi- ness. The entrepreneur  assesses the need(s), develops solutions, establishes outcomes, and develops a framework for monitoring outcomes. Business Problem Solving for the Entrepreneur is available in the following areas pertinent to business start up: strategy development,  use of technology, human resource management, legal issues and accounting. Prerequisites: ENTR-102 and ENTR-103. (1 hour weekly)

ENTR-108   Marketing Plan
3 Credits

In this three module course the entrepreneur will complete a marketing plan for the business. The entrepreneur will complete market research that will help define relevant needs of the cus- tomer base. He/she will define the elements of the marketing mix, product, price, place and promotion,  for their business and explain their role in building a successful marketing strategy. Prerequisite:  ENTR-102 or ENTR-120 or ENTR-210. (3 hours weekly)

ENTR-109   Customer Service for the
New Business Start Up
1 Credit

In this course the entrepreneur discovers the ele- ments of the customer ser vice function pertinent to their business. Topics include establishing ef- fective and efficient interpersonal relations with current and potential clients. Functions such as initiating contact, providing clear information, determining level of client need and understand- ing, and incorporating office procedures are emphasized. (1 hour weekly)

ENTR-110 Basic Website Development
1 Credit

In this course the entrepreneur works with others to develop a website appropriate for the business. The entrepreneur learns how the web can work for the business and how to most ef- fectively establish a presence on the web. The entrepreneur works with an expert to define meaningful information about their company and its products or ser vices. The information  is then put up on the Website where it can be viewed in an interactive manner. Prerequisite: ENTR-102, ENTR-103 or ENTR-108. (1 hour weekly)

ENTR-111 Advanced Website
1 Credit

In this course the entrepreneur receives sup- port in development of an electronic business enhancement to their website. Prerequisite: ENTR-110. (15 hours)

ENTR-112   Introduction to Innovation
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

This course is designed to introduce students to the art and science of innovation.  Students will learn about the various types of innovation and how innovation impacts society, economic development, and quality of life. Students will define and begin the development of life skills in innovative  thought and action.  Such skills include leadership, research and development, and change management. These skills are useful in careers within  organizations of all types as well as in starting one’s own company. Students will develop an innovative concept and learn the application of change management around the introduction and implementation of their innovation. (3 hours weekly)

ENTR-120   Entrepreneurship in
3 Credits

This second-level course is designed to prepare business students and others to succeed in the new, global economy by teaching them to think and act like entrepreneurs. Students will learn the skills required to launch and manage new ventures, within  or outside of the corporate environment.  Case studies, virtual enterprises, simulations, and interaction with local entrepre- neurs will allow students to practice and refine their entrepreneurial skills. Course topics include recognizing opportunity and risk, developing a business model, securing resources, managing the new venture, ethical issues, and planning for growth and change. Prerequisite: Eligible to enroll  in ENGL-121. (3 hours  weekly)

ENTR-154   Introduction to eBay®
1 Credit

This course ser ves as an introduction to online auctioneering using eBay®.com. After success- ful completion  of this course, the student will be able to understand effective bidding strate- gies when purchasing items as well as how to maximize  opportunity  for  success in selling items listed for sale on eBay®.com. Familiarity with a computer, the Internet, and email skills are strongly recommended  before enrolling in this course. This course may be completed in fewer  than  14 weeks. All of the work may be done outside of class (except tests) if student has compatible software. Credit will only be granted for one of the following: ENTR-154 or ENTR-205.

ENTR-203   Staring Your Own Business II
3 Credits

Starting Your Own Business II provides an inter- mediate level of entrepreneurial development. This course introduces skills required to enhance a young, growing business. Individual personal and business goals are set at the beginning  of the course and progress is reviewed with changes made as necessary. Upon completion  of this course, the entrepreneur will have measurable improvement  in business outcomes. Prerequisite: ENTR-103. (3 hours weekly)

ENTR-205   eBay® and Other Online
Auction Tools
3 Credits

This course ser ves as an introduction to online auctioneering by utilizing various online auction- eering websites as business tools. Through a comprehensive exploration of the online auction process, students will learn about various auc- tion strategies for the purpose of purchasing and selling goods online. This will enable students to determine which online auction strategies and techniques work best for their specific area of product  interest. Students will employ supplemental online auction tools as aids in this web-based business format. Students will exam- ine, use, and evaluate core business concepts such marketing, sales, inventory management, and finance and trace the impacts that these components have when operating as an online auction business. Credit will only be granted for one of the following:  ENTR-154 or ENTR-205.

ENTR-210   Developing Business
Opportunities and Plans
3 Credits

This course provides basic information and skills needed by students who wish to develop their own small business, who currently work in such an operation, or who function in a larger business which cultivates intrapreneurship. The essential elements of this course revolve around recognizing new opportunities for entrepreneur- ial  activities, developing  successful methods of perceiving such endeavors, and selecting mechanisms needed to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a new or evolving entrepre- neurial venture. (3 hours weekly)

ENTR-215   Taking Innovation to
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and
Emerging Issues Core)

Students will work in peer teams under the guid- ance of entrepreneurial mentors to complete the facets of developing innovations.  Students will learn the phases of transforming innovation to the business world. This will include identifying, assessing, marketing, and determining  licensure of innovations.  Students will examine real-life technology over views prepared by participating research labs and work with team members, inventors, and mentors to take an innovation to the marketplace. Through these processes, team work, decision-making, and analyses will be prime areas of learning. (3 hours weekly)

ENTR-220   Financing Entrepreneurial
3 Credits

This course is designed to improve the potential for entrepreneurial success by increasing skills and knowledge of three basic elements: starting an entrepreneurial enterprise, sustaining it, and facilitating its growth. Students will have the op- portunity to receive feedback from an industry panel. Students are expected to exit the course with the knowledge and skill to apply for funds. (3 hours weekly)

ENTR-225 Social Entrepreneurship
3 Credits

This course is designed to introduce students to social entrepreneurship. A social entrepreneur recognizes a social  problem  and uses entre- preneurial  principles  to organize, create, and manage a venture to achieve social change. The social entrepreneur focuses on creating social capital. The primar y goal of social  entrepre- neurship is to further social and environmental causes. Social entrepreneurs are most com- monly associated with the voluntary and not-for- profit sectors, but this need not preclude making a profit.  Course topics include  the manner in which both business and entrepreneurial prin- ciples apply to social entrepreneurship and the process for the development of new products or ser vices that contribute to the solution of a social problem. This course provides the knowledge of fundamental business concepts and tools to build a social venture. The course will focus on one broad social problem each semester and students will learn to set up a business relevant to finding a solution to that social problem. (3 hours weekly)


hcc catalogue '11-'12

Accounting - ACCT
Aging Services - AGNG
American Sign Language - AMSL
Anthropology - ANTH
Arabic - ARAB 
Art - ARTT 
Astronomy - ASTR
Bioinformatics - BFMT 
Biology - BIOL 
Biomedical Engineering - BMET
Business - BMGT 
Cardiovascular Technology - CARD
Chemistry - CHEM 
Chinese - CHNS 
Cisco - CSCO 
Computer-Aided Design - CADD
Computer Forensics - CFOR 
Computer Systems - CMSY 
Conflict Resolution - CRES
Construction Management - CNST 
Cooperative Education - COOP
Criminal Justice - CRIM 
Culinary Management - CMGT 
Dance - DANC
Dental Hygiene - DHYG 
Diagnostic Medical
Sonography - DMSU

Economics - ECON 
Education - EDUC 
Electronics - ELEC 
Emergency Medical Technician/
Paramedic - EMSP
Engineering -ENES 
English- ENGL 
Entrepreneurship - ENTR 
Environmental Science - ENST
Exercise Science - EXSC 
Farsi - FARS
Film - FILM 
Financial Planning- FNPL 
Fine Arts - FINE 
First-Year Experience - FYEX
French - FREN 
Geography - GEOG
Geology - GEOL

German - GERM 
Greek - GREK 
Health Care - HEAL 
Health Education - HEED 
Hebrew - HBRW
Hindi - HNDI
History - HIST 
Horticulture - HORT 
Hospitality Management - HMGT
Human Development - HMDV 
Human Services - HUMS 
Humanities - HUMN
Interior Design - INDS
Italian - ITAL 
Japanese - JPNS
Korean - KORE 
Life Fitness - LFIT 
Mathematics - MATH 
Medical Laboratory
Technician - MLTS

Meteorology - METO 
Microsoft - MSFT 
Music - MUSC 
Nursing - NURS 
Nutrition - NUTR
Office Technology - OFFI 
Philosophy - PHIL 
Physical Therapist
Assistant - PTAP
Physics - PHYS 
Political Science - POLI 
Portuguese - PORT
Psychology - PSYC 
Public Health - PUBH
Radiologic Technology - RADT
Retailing - RETL 
Russian - RUSS 
Social Work - SOWK
Sociology - SOCI 
Spanish - SPAN 
Speech - SPCH 
Television and Radio - TVRD
Theatre - THET 
Turkish - TURK
Women's Studies - WMST