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hcc catalogue '11-'12

Course Descriptions


BMGT-100   Introduction to Business and Organization
3 Credits
In this course, students will explore all of the primary disciplines in business on an introduc- tory level: economics, human resource manage- ment, finance options, managerial accounting principles  and marketing  strategies.  Students will examine challenges present in the current business environment and consider them with an eye toward ethics, social responsibility and effective  management  strategies in a  global economy.  The course is kept current by stu- dents’  exposure  to  guest speakers and case analyses.  Some written  and oral reports will be required from these activities.  This course is ideal both for students who wish to pursue a career in business and those who wish to gain a better understanding of the business world in which they live.  (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-113   Technical Issues for the Non-Technical Manager
3 Credits
This course is designed to provide a theoretical and practical basis for the non-technical  man- ager to deal successfully with technical  issues inherent in the operation of a small to medium sized business office  or professional ser vices practice. Investigation and discussion of perti- nent technical issues will provide a framework within which the manager can implement and manage the organization’s computer systems. Six months  experience  in a business  setting using computers  is suggested. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-114   Website Management for the Non-Technical Manager
1 Credit
This course is designed to help managers develop plans for business websites. Students will be able to identify  the various uses and benefits of websites and learn how to optimize the website resources. Procedures for dealing with web designers, web developers and other IT staff will be covered. The student will learn about search engine optimization including the use of page descriptions  and metatag keywords. (1 hour weekly)
BMGT-120   Small Business Management
3 Credits
Small business management blends entrepre- neurial goals with a realistic sur vey of the wide variety of functional business skills needed to operate  a small  firm effectively. The  course will focus on skills such as marketing, financial management, and business planning, as well as a clearer view of small business’s contribution to the national economy. Students will improve their problem-solving abilities through experi- ential exercises, classroom discussion, and the completion  of a partial business plan. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-130   Principles of Marketing
3 Credits
Students will learn the introductory principles of marketing--research, segmentation, targeting, product/ser vice attributes, pricing, distribution and promotion.  Strategies will be explored to create an effective marketing plan for an organization. The  course is kept current  by students’ exposure to guest speakers and case analyses. Some written  and  oral  reports  will be required from these activities. Prerequisite: BMGT-100. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-133   Coaching for Performance in the Workplace
3 Credits
In this course the student will learn and un- derstand the basic theor y and principles  of coaching for performance improvement. This theory will include the history of coaching, the practicing coach in today’s workplace, and the application of psychology in business coaching. In addition,  the student will begin to develop some of the skills required to coach individuals in organizations for performance improvement. After successful completion  of this course, the student will have worked on co-creating a coach- ing relationship and communicating effectively. This course will include case studies, role-playing and journaling. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-134   Coaching as a Tool for Effective Leadership
3 Credits (Interdisciplinary and Emerging Issues Core)
In this course the student will learn how coach- ing as a philosophy  and a set of behaviors is impacting organizations and their leaders today. Students will be able to apply coaching behaviors to all types of leadership situations. Students will explore  and analyze the relationship  between leader/coach and employee/team member. Learning tools will include  case studies, jour- naling, experiential learning and role play. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-135   Development of an Organizational Coaching Culture
3 Credits
Coaching creates a performance  focused, feed- back enriched organization capable of creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. This is the business case for coaching. This course in- troduces the student to the principles of cultural change that lay the foundation around which a coaching culture is initiated. The student will learn what a coaching culture looks like in an organization and how to apply transformational coaching throughout an organization for the purpose of creating high performance in indi- viduals, teams and the organization as a whole. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-136   Coaching Through Change and Transition
3 Credits
In  this  course  the  student  will learn  how coaching functions as a powerful tool to move individuals and organizations through transition. The student will learn how the cultural changes, demanded in the business world  today, drive the implementation of a coaching model. The student will be able to apply the coaching prin- ciples that underpin an organizational culture that is flexible, resilient and adaptable to change. The student will practice coaching techniques that move individuals  successfully through life transitions. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-141   Supervisory Development
3 Credits
Through this course, students will develop skills for successful super vision in business, industry and government. This course emphasizes the understanding and demonstration of basic su- per visory concepts as they relate to motivating individuals, maintaining group morale, building loyalty, and interpretation of attitude and super vi- sory/employee relations. Also, fundamental skill development will include activities in leadership, goal setting, decision  making, individual  and group communication,  performance appraisal, time management, and assertiveness training. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-142   Business Development and Sales for Emerging Leaders
3 Credits (Humanities/ Interdisciplinary and Emerging Issues Core)
This  course  introduces  the  student  to  the basic skills used in business development and professional selling. Topics covered include how to prospect for potential clients, build effective  relationships,  assess an individual’s needs, present specific solutions and negotiate agreements. Given the growing need for global competency among business professionals, this course will also look at cultural context and the implications  for negotiating agreements. This is appropriate for those interested in learning more about the profession of selling or for those who want to improve their ability to persuade others. Instruction is highly interactive with ex- tensive use of oral and written communication and role  play. (3 hours weekly)  NOTE: Also listed as SPCH-142.
BMGT-145   Principles of Management
3 Credits
This class focuses on the knowledge needed by today’s business managers as they make decisions in the current  frequently changing, global workplace. Students will obtain skills in such areas as: leadership, domestic and global business culture, strategy and decision-making, the four basic management functions, and infor- mation  and operations systems management.
The course will provide several opportunities to apply knowledge in individual and small group assignments and activities. This course will intro- duce the concepts of project management and the importance of strategic vision. Prerequisite: BMGT-100. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-150/BMGT-150H   International Business Issues Seminar
1 Credit (Interdisciplinary and Emerging Issues Core)
This course provides a more in-depth explora- tion  of current  issues in business across all disciplines.  The course will frame backbone disciplines--economics, finance, human resource management and marketing--around the issues of globalization and social responsibility. The primary methodology will be to analyze a busi- ness that will be expanding into global markets, evaluating the options  of exporting,  licensing, contract manufacturing, and direct investment. Students will do an environmental  scan and focus on analyzing the demand in the market- place, financing options, people management and marketing opportunities.
BMGT-151   Business Law I
3 Credits
This introductory  course provides students with an opportunity to study law and its impact on business. Students will learn basic legal concepts and their application, build a vocabulary unique to business and the law and develop critical thinking skills that are essential to analyzing cases and making sound business decisions. The course will provide students with an opportunity to study current legal and ethical issues affecting business, contracts,  sales, and the American legal system. The knowledge and skills gained from Business Law I are useful for careers in business, human resources, management, alter- native dispute resolution,  public policy, sales and entrepreneurship. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-152   Business Law II
3 Credits
This course provides students with an oppor- tunity to broaden their knowledge of the study of law and its impact on business. Students will continue to build upon their analytical, writing and vocabulary skills as they relate to business and the law. Instruction will focus on case stud- ies dealing with agency and employment  law, real and personal property, bailments, wills and estates, negotiable instruments, and the three major forms of business organization – sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. The knowledge and skills are valuable for students interested  in pursuing  a career  in business, human  resources, management,  alternative dispute resolution, sales, entrepreneurship,  law, real estate, and banking. Prerequisite: BMGT-151. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-175   Business Communications
3 Credits (Humanities Core)
Communication  skills are vital to the success of any employable person in today’s competitive organizational environment. Those able to com- municate an idea through interpersonal commu- nication, technology, and writing will be better prepared to conduct themselves properly in an organizational setting. This course encompasses four primary facets of business communication applicable to any employment setting: business writing, interpersonal business communication, business etiquette and professionalism,  and business communications  utilizing technology. Students will learn how to function cohesively and communicate  as a team by delivery  of a persuasive group presentation. Finally, course members will learn how  companies leverage technology, vital to our global economy, such as web applications, social media, and other tools to better communicate  internally  as well as with customers. (3 hours weekly) NOTE: Also listed as SPCH-175.
BMGT-178   Business Writing
1 Credit
After successful completion  of this course, the student will be able to select examples of writing that have the qualities of effective written busi- ness communications. The student will be able to develop effective workplace writing strategies. (1 hour weekly)
BMGT-200   Managing for the Future
3 Credits
This course addresses a growing interest on the part of those in business management to develop a more effective workplace, where new com- munication  methods, a global perspective, and evolving leadership skills will be needed. Focus will be on development and implementation of knowledge,  skills, and thought processes that contribute to effective and efficient manage- ment in future-oriented  businesses. Thriving in a changing environment  will be related to employer-employee relations, productive busi- ness operations and customer solution delivery. Threaded  throughout  the course will be an exploration of technological innovations that make  success in this environment  possible. Prerequisite: BMGT-100. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-201-202    Business Work 
Experience I and II
3 or 4 Credits
See COOP-201-202 Cooperative  Education  Work
Experience I and II.
BMGT-203   Business Ethics
3 Credits
This course will study the status and elements of ethics within the modern business world and en- vironment. The impact of governing bodies, the role of industry-imposed guidelines, the element of corporate social responsibility, and accepted standards of conduct will comprise some of the elements of this course. Students will learn to examine instances of ethical dilemma, select ele- ments that influence ethical considerations, and determine appropriate ethical decision-making processes. Prerequisite: Eligible to enroll  in ENGL-121. (3 hours  weekly)
BMGT-204   Taking Your Business Mobile
3 Credits
In this course the student will learn how to im- prove personal and business productivity using mobile  computing devices and how to build and promote their personal brand. The student will analyze the similarities and differences be- tween mobile devices, ser vers, applications and how mobile technology can improve business. “Smartphone” models will be discussed, and students will learn skills and strategies for using them. Students will use social networking tools to build a personal brand and mobile phones in class assignments. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-205   Principles of International Business
3 Credits
This course is designed to develop an overall business perspective that integrates cultural, political, economic and legal environments into the framework for growing and managing global business operations. Students will focus on knowledge and skills pertaining to a range of business functions needed for success in the global arena. Prerequisite: BMGT-100. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-229   White Collar Crimes, Fraud, and Abuse
3 Credits
This class presents basic knowledge and skills regarding financial, behavioral and control fac- tors affecting the environment for fraud in profit and non profit organizations. Through case stud- ies of widely used fraud schemes, students will analyze processes, evidence, transactions and financial records to identify the risks and red flag indicators associated with fraud and abuse in commerce and nonprofit  operations com- mitted by trusted insiders and external parties. The class will focus on the nature of internal controls and the application of analysis tools as practical management techniques for preventing and detecting fraud and abuse. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-234   Principles and Practices of 
Life Coaching
3 Credits
In this course the student will be introduced to the history and evolution of life coaching. The student will analyze the similarities and differ- ences between the life coaching and the busi- ness coaching models. The basic life-coaching model will be discussed and skills and strategies that are a part of the model will be presented and practiced. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-235   Co-Active Coaching
3 Credits
In this course the student will learn the principles and components  of co-active coaching. The student will learn to apply the unique practices and techniques of co-active coaching to a wide spectrum of clients including corporate execu- tives, small business owners, artists and entrepre- neurs. Learning tools will include skill-building exercises, case studies, journaling and role-play. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-236   Establishing a Consulting/ Coaching Practice
3 Credits
In this course the student will learn all of the aspects of starting and operating a coaching business. Students will be introduced  to market- ing strategy and learn how to create a business plan for a start-up coaching practice. Learning tools will include sample business and marketing plans, case studies and the use of worksheets for setting rates and managing revenue. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-240   Human Resource 
3 Credits
This course focuses on the practical and theo- retical concepts relating to the management of people, concentrating on the human element in businesses today. Students will learn aspects of staffing (hiring  process), performance apprais- als, super vision, and analyses of key legislation affecting the management of personnel. Students will deal with six highly interdependent areas: Human Resource Development, Employee Relations/Motivation,  Legal Compliance,  Com- pensation  and Benefits, Safety and Health, and Employee Labor Relations. Prerequisite: BMGT-
100. (3 hours weekly)
BMGT-241   Project Management
3 Credits
This course is designed to increase the knowl- edge and skills of students who managing or who are working towards managing projects in a way that will be coherent, thoughtful, timely, and in alignment with an organization’s objectives. It will teach a wide array of principles  and components that include project initiation, planning, execut- ing, performance, monitoring and controlling, cost management, and terminology, among others. It will also provide practical knowledge on managing the project scope, schedule, and resources. Concepts are applied through team projects and tutorials using project management software. Additionally, this course will fulfill the training requirement for the PMI Certified Associ- ate in Project Management (CAPM®)  certifica- tion for those who elect to become certified. (3 hours weekly)

hcc catalogue '11-'12

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