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International Education
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International Programs of Study

Howard Community College is a decidedly international environment.  With its unique selection of programs, study abroad options, and learning vacations, we are prepared to offer students the knowledge that will help them embark on an exciting career—right here in Columbia or anywhere in the world.

International Studies

The International Studies Program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in government, foreign service, international business, and a selection of other fields that may require international studies expertise.  The curriculum is designed to prepare students bound for a four-year college, where they will ultimately earn a bachelor’s degree in the social sciences.

Incorporating intercultural competencies into a general education core balanced with electives, the International Studies curriculum prepares students for today’s complex and global environment.

English as a Second Language

The noncredit English Language Program at Howard Community College offers ESL classes taught by experienced, highly qualified instructors.  Our community ESL classes offer basic, everyday English that you can use in almost any day-to-day situation.  The intensive ESL classes provide more concentrated academic, skills-based English classes.  For academic English classes that will prepare you for a degree-seeking program, visit the English department website.  Check out the continuing education website for information on our full-time intensive English program at the English Language Institute.

Global Economics

A segment of the Arts and Sciences Division, this option is designed to transfer to a four-year school where students would further their studies to complete a baccalaureate degree in social sciences emphasizing international economics and policy studies.  Geography, history, political science, and prelaw students may find this option particularly attractive.

Diversity Studies

The Diversity Studies Program, one of the options under Interdisciplinary Studies, is designed to transfer to a four-year school where students would further their studies in a similar concentration.  The curriculum gives students the flexibility to pursue a major interest and at the same time fulfill the lower-division general education requirements for transfer to a baccalaureate degree program.

International Business Program

This business administration option will prepare students to transfer to a four-year program in business and management, with eventual entry into all areas of business from manufacturing through retailing, including accounting, marketing, finance, banking, and transportation with an international business emphasis.

Through this two-year program, students will be introduced to several areas of business and management theory, coupled with a strong liberal arts base in international culture and history.

International Office Assistant

Prepare to become an international office assistant with coursework that provides an understanding of global economics and geography in addition to office skills using the latest hardware and software.

This Associate in Applied Sciences degree is designed to provide both the technical and English skills needed to be successful in any business office.  The additional exposure to international business concepts and the cultures of other countries help the student become more aware of what is happening throughout the world.

With the continuing demand for well-trained office personnel and many more businesses entering the global arena, the international office assistant will be ready to meet this new international challenge.