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Howard Community College is pleased to offer the opportunity to study abroad on the island of Bermuda. This program will introduce students to Bermudian modern reef environments at a level that is clear to non-science majors while piquing their interest in the geology, hydrology, and oceanography of this unique island.

By observing both the modern carbonate reef environments and the ancient rocks on Bermuda, the students will start making connections about what is preserved and not preserved in the rock record and what organisms are valuable in a carbonate environment. Observations of beach and dune deposits on the island of Bermuda will also provide the students with a better appreciation for sea level and climate change throughout geologic history.

Selection Criteria

Participants must be able to swim. A significant portion of the program will be spent traveling on boats, ocean swimming, and snorkeling on coral reefs. Applicants will be required to pass a swim test at HCC.

This program also involves walking on rocky and uneven terrain in hot and humid conditions.

Two mandatory orientation meetings prior to departure.



This course will be based at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS). Each day students will spend 4-6 hours in the water and on land studying reef environments and preserved beach and dune deposits. Upon returning from the field, students will examine their sediment and rock samples in the lab and after dinner the group will summarize their findings for the day, building on what was learned during the course of the program. Other possible activities during the week include a visit to the Bermuda aquarium, touring and swimming in island caves, and night snorkeling.

Example Day 3:
7:45 AM Breakfast at BIOS
8:30 AM -1:30 PM Boat to Harrington Sound (snorkeling) (sack lunch in field) and visit Bailey’s Bay (snorkeling)
3:00-5:00 PM In Laboratory (examine samples collected)
5:45 PM Dinner at BIOS
7:00-9:00 PM Lecture 3


Oceanography-Biology 104 (3 credits)/online: HCC students have the opportunity to receive 3 college credits by enrolling in Biology 104-Oceanography. Students will be required to complete coursework prior to the program and record daily observations and assignments in a lab notebook while on the program. The online portion of the course will be taught from early July - early August and the final project for the course will be due when deplaning in Maryland. 

OR Geology 117 Lab (1-credit)/online: HCC students have the opportunity to receive 1 college credit by enrolling in Geology 117 lab. Students must have completed Geology 107 or Physics 106 in a prior semester or they must apply for instructor approval to register for this class. This course will be taught online early July -  early August  and the final project for the course will be due when deplaning in Maryland.



The cost for the program (not including the cost for taking courses for credit) is $2,600*. (Limited Financial Aid is available for HCC credit students.)

The $2,600* cost includes:
• Round-trip airfare to/from Bermuda.
• Transportation to/from the airport in Bermuda and travel around the island via bus.
• Accommodations at BIOS in Bermuda (non-air- conditioned shared occupancy in residence halls). Most meals at BIOS.
• All planned boat excursions and entrance fees.
• Program will be limited to 13 participants. 

Additional costs not included in the program:
• Personal expenses.
• Any excursions that students may undertake during open time and meals outside the program.
• Visa if required.

* HCC reserves the right to increase the cost of the Program Fee up to 10% due to increased program costs, increased flight costs, and/or, currency fluctuations.

Program Director

Jennifer Kling
Phone: 443-518-4083


$500 Non-Refundable due: at registration
Initial Payment due: TBD
$1,050 Final Payment due: TBD
Note: If you do not make payment on time you will automatically be dropped from the program and will not be able to re-register. 

For More Information

Contact Program Director or
International Education Office, CL 113
Howard Community College
Phone: 443-518-1640
Fax: 443-518-4571

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