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Computer Hardware Requirements

The interaction in an online class is web-based, so you will need

  • Internet access 
  • A current web browser that supports JavaScript. 
  • Some online courses, including hybrid courses, may require plug-ins.  Check the course descriptions posted on the eLearning homepage under "Credit Courses" for specific course requirements. You may download plug-ins from the eLearning homepage. 
  • The college's official word processing software is Microsoft Word. Ideally, you should complete your assignments and send them to your faculty using this software. However, if you do not have MS Word and cannot get it, you can save and send (i.e., attach) documents using rich text format (.rtf).

Internet Service Providers

You must provide your own connection to the Internet through an Internet service provider.

Your Browser

Before you log in to Canvas, please be sure to access the system from the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  Canvas operates best in these Web browsers.

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