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SPAN-202 Intermediate Spanish II

Students in this second year course will use the skills needed to listen, speak, write and read in
Spanish in the context of a series of communicative activities. They will expand their knowledge
of the peoples of the Spanish-speaking world and will, through the use of multimedia technology,
create a personalized project reflective of individual interests in Spanish. Instruction focuses on oral
communication and is supported by a computerized classroom and conversation specialists.
(4 hours weekly in class and lab)
Credits                  4
Instructor             Patricia Parra Garcia

Statement on General Education and Liberal Learning

A liberal education prepares students to lead ethical, productive, and creative lives and to understand
how the pursuit of lifelong learning and critical thinking fosters good citizenship. General education
courses form the core of a liberal education within the higher education curriculum and provide a
coherent intellectual experience for all students by introducing the fundamental concepts and
methodsof inquiry in the areas of mathematics, the physical and natural sciences, the social sciences,
the artsand the humanities, and composition. This course is part of the general education core
experience at Howard Community College.
Overall Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course students will:
  1. Offer opinions/advice about issues.
  2. Produce a brochure in Spanish.
  3. Complete an interview with a Spanish speaking person.
  4. Read a short story and report on the details of the action line.
  5. Appreciate the culture of the Spanish speaking population in Howard County.
Major Topics
  1. Traveling by car (present perfect/present perfect subjunctive)
  2. Social life (more usage of the subjunctive)
  3. Work situations (future tense)
  4. Media and its Influence (past subjunctive….si clauses)
  5. Traveling abroad (conditional tense)
Course Requirements

Course requirements will vary with the instructor and may include quizzes, exams, oral
presentations, group activities and written assignments.

Other Course Information

This course is an Arts and Science elective, a Humanities elective, and a Humanities core.
This course is a core requirement for languages.
This course fulfills the cultural diversity requirement.

Student Profile - Maribel