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MUSIC-108 African American Music - Online

Course Description:

Open to all interested students, this course is designed as a historical survey of selected styles of African-American Music. Certain features of West African music will be identified and traced as they are retained in different styles of African-American music. Emphasis will be placed on stylistic characteristics, performers and social influences of each style. The aim of this course is to introduce students to important concepts related to the study of the music of Black Americans, improve listening skills and develop a better understanding about Black Music and its relationship to an evolving African-American culture. Although this is an online course students will be expected to engage in-group activities.

Credits:                       3
Prerequisites:              none
Instructor:                   Dr. Monica Tripp-Roberson
Phone:                         410-693-0686
Mailbox Location:        Arts and Humanities Division Office

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course the students will:       

  1. Recognize African retentions found in different styles of African-American music.  
  2. Identify important characteristics of the various types of African-American Music studied in this course.
  3. Discuss social characteristics of America as expressed through black music.
  4. Classify selected artist with their various styles.
  5. Use listening skills to identify the different styles of music covered in music 108 such as early slave songs, spirituals, blues, ect.
  6. Provide and informed critique of a live performance.
  7. Identify prominent black performers and composers giving their major contributions to  African-American music and culture.
  8. Summarize the contributions of Black music to the world of music, and in particular, the music of the United States.
  9. Write a research paper identifying how the different styles of African American music reflect the aesthetics, ideological, and social goals of the African American culture.

 Major Topics

                    I.    The Music of West Africa

                    II.    General Characteristics of African-American Music

                    III.    Minstrelsy

                   IV.    Spirituals

                    V.    Blues

                   VI.    Gospel Music

                  VII.    Ragtime

                 VIII.    Classic Jazz

                   IX.    Swing

                    X.    Bebop

                   XI.    Cool Jazz, Hard Bop, and Avant Garde

                  XII.    Jazz Fusion

                 XIII.    Soul Music

                XIV.    Rap

                 XV.    Blacks in Classical Music and Broadway

                XVI.    R & B

Student Profile - Maribel