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HIST 228 - Women in European History: 1750-Present "Weaving Whole Cloth"

This course explores the fabric of women's history from The Enlightenment to the "New Europe," private to political, isolated to universal.  It qualifies for both history and women's studies requirements.

          Also listed as WMST-228

Credits:               3
Prerequisites:     ENGL-111 (English Compostion) or permission of the instructor.
Instructor:          Teresa Foster
Fax:                     443-518-4401

Overall Course Objectives | Course Format | Orientation | Course Requirements | Materials | Exams

Overall Course Objectives

As an online cohort of learners, we will read and discuss content ideas using friendly confersaton to reduce the distance not only between history then to now, between each other, you and me.  The journey will be rigouous, revealing, and rewarding.  Are you ready?

Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Read for main ideas or overviews 
  • Define vocabulary in historical context
  • Write timely responses about talking points
  • Demonstrate interest and support in peer interchanges
  • Examine web links for related topics and highlights      
  • Respect and respond to views contrary to your own
  • Script-write using voices in dialogue
  • Check yourself for understanding in short tests
  • Use quotes and details in support of a generalization         
  • Write with convincing proof from your studies
  • Assess writing samples using rubrics
  • Utilize web sources for authentic & revealing scholarship
  • Show connections between earlier chapter ideas to those of today’s world community.

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Course Format
  • Is not self-paced.
  • Does not require on-campus meetings.

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This course does not have a face-to-face orientation.

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Course Requirements
  • Review the "What you should know before you Register" section of the eLearning Homepage.
  • Weekly reading and writing asignments.
  • Papers and research project emailed as word attachments in discussion boxes.
  • One powerpoint short presentation about your research project.
Materials Required:

Textbook information:  To visit our bookstore's online sales site, please visit and follow the instructions for selecting textbooks.

Technical Requirements and Plug-Ins:

The following plug-ins are required for this course:

  • Internet Explorer or
  • Netscape
  • Real Player
  • Word Viewer, if you don’t have the full version of Microsoft Word

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For purposes of verification and assessing learning outcomes, this course has three exams at the HCC Test Center for students in the local region or at a regional institution for remote students.

If you have any questions or comments about this course, please send a message to Teresa Foster,,

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