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ENGL 210 Intro to Fiction, Poetry & Drama

ENGL 210 introduces studies to the conventions and characteristics of three genres or kinds of literature: short stories, drama, and poetry. Through reading, writing, and responding to others’ writing, you will gain an understanding of literary terms and concepts and learn to interpret, analyze, critically evaluate, and appreciate selections from these genres. The course emphasizes active reading, critical thinking, and effective writing.

Credits               3
Prerequisites     ENGL-121
Fees                   This course has fees totalling $30.00
Instructor          Dr. Barbara Graham Cooper
Office                 DH 231
Phone                410-772-4851

Overall Course Objectives | Major Course Topics | Course Format | Orientation |
Course Requirements | Materials

Overall Course Objectives

Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

        Identify and apply literary terms, concepts, devices and characteristics in short stories, poetry,
        and drama;
        Think critically and independently in interpreting short stories, poetry, and drama;
        Analyze how literature reflects human values and thus has relevance to today’s world;
        Describe the structural and language devices that are characteristic of the three genres studied;
        Write clearly and intelligently about literature;
        Communicate effectively an understanding of the literature and exchange ideas about literature;
        Understand and demonstrate the conventions of writing about literature;
        Use basic MLA-style documentation in writing about literature;
        Read literature more effectively with an appreciation for the sound and rhythm of words.

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Major Course Topics

        Introduction to Reading Fiction, the Idea of the Literary Canon
        Reading and Writing from Different Critical Perspectives
        Plot, Style, Tone, and Irony
        Character, Point of View
        Setting, Symbolism, and Theme
        Introduction to Drama
        Introduction to Poetry
        Poetry: Ways of Making Sense
        Word Choice, Word Order, and Tone; Figures of Speech

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Course Format

        Is not self-paced.
        Does not require on-campus meetings.
        Does not require real-time chats. Student dialogue occurs through responding weekly to each
        other’s writing.

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This course does not have a face-to-face orientation.

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Course Requirements

        Review the “What you should know before you register” section of the eLearning
        Read assigned literature.
        Complete weekly journal responses to the assigned literature.
        Post weekly responses to specific assignments and react to other students’ responses (i.e.,
        class discussion).
        Complete all three essay exams (one for each genre studied).
        Write one critical paper.
        View one film on reserve in the HCC library (also available for rental at a local video store)

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Meyer, Michael.  The Bedford Intro to Literature 7th Ed. Packaged with LiterActive CD-ROM. Boston: Bedford, 2005.

Textbook information:  To visit our bookstore's online sales site, please visit and follow the instructions for selecting textbooks.

Technical Requirements and Plug-Ins:

Review the Technical Requirements link above. The following plug-ins are required for this course:

          Acrobat Viewer
          Internet Explorer
          PowerPoint Viewer, if you don’t have the full version of Microsoft PowerPoint
          Windows Media Player
          Word Viewer, if you don’t have the full version of Microsoft Word

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If you have any questions or comments about this course, please send a message to
Dr. Barbara Graham Cooper:

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