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ENGL-206 African American Literature

This course is an introduction to oral and written literature of African-American writers from the earliest times through the Harlem Renaissance to present times.

William Lowe
DH 146

Overall Course Objectives | Major Course Topics | Course Format | Orientation |
Course Requirements | Materials | Exams

Overall Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Identify and explain the significance of the different literary periods in African-American literature from the 1760s to the present.

2. Read critically and interpret African-American literature, answering questions raised in discussions and generated by the student's own inquiry.

3. Compare and/or contrast the historical, social, cultural, and literary milieus of significant periods in the development of African-American literature.

4. Write critically on tests, papers, and journals about ideas, issues and major authors of African-American literature.

5. Analyze the possible reasons for the treatment of African-American literature, including the oral tradition.

6. Collaborate with peers in posing and answering questions about the text, as well as questions posed by the instructor.

7. Research works from a biographical, historical, social, political, and aesthetic context.

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Major Course Topics

List the major topics

  • Beginning to the Civil War
    • Poetry
    • Essays
    • Autobiography/Slave Narratives
    • Spirituals
  • The Civil War to World War II
    • Essays
    • Folklore: Tale, Song, Sermon
    • Poetry
    • Autobiography
  • World War I to World War II
    • The Harlem Renaissance
      • Poetry
      • Essays
    • The Novel
  • The 1940's to 1970
    • Poetry
    • Essays
  • 1970 to the present
    • Poetry
    • Drama
    • The Novel

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Course Format

  • Is not self-paced.
  • Does not require on-campus meetings.
  • Does not require real-time chats.
  • The communication in the class will take place through Canvas mail and weekly response posted in the discussion board.

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This course does not have a required face-to-face orientation. 

Course Requirements

  • Review the “What you should know before you register” section of the eLearning Homepage.
  • Midterm and final exams
  • Discussions
  • Journals
  • Paper

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Texts and Materials

Textbook information:  To visit our bookstore's online sales site, please visit and follow the instructions for selecting textbooks.

Technical Requirements and Plug-Ins:

Review the Technical Requirements link above. The following plug-ins are required for this course:

  • Acrobat Viewer
  • Flash
  • Internet Explorer
  • PowerPoint Viewer, if you don’t have the full version of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Word Viewer, if you don’t have the full version of Microsoft Word

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Exams for this course will be administered online.


If you have any questions or comments about this class, please send a message to

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