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EDUC-111 Child Growth and Development

Through the study of the early childhood and elementary years, the student will be able to describe the language, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of young children, birth to 12 years. .

It meets the college definition for: Arts and Sciences Elective. This course is required for the Letter of Recognition, Certificate of Proficiency, and AAS Degrees in Early Childhood Development.

InstructorVickie Williams

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Overall Course Objectives

Once you have completed this course you will be able to discuss:

  • The developmental appropriateness of programs for young children
  • Major research methods and assessment techniques used to study children
  • Pre-natal development
  • Gross and fine motor development of children
  • Personality development of young children
  • Psycho-social development of children
  • Language development of young children
  • Moral development of young children
  • The role of the family, school and community in relation to the development of children
  • The effects of racism and sexism on young children
  • How children learn
  • Children and the law
  • The status of children around the world

Major Course Topics

  • Research Methods
  • Major Contemporary Theories
  • Prenatal Development
  • Birth and the Neonate
  • The Young Infant
  • Toddlerhood
  • The Preschool Years

Course Format

Course format information might include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Is not self-paced.
  • Does not require on-campus meetings, except for two exams which must be taken in the HCC Test Center. (For more information see the “Exam” section below on this page.)
  • Does not require real-time chats.
  • The communication in the class will take place through emails and a weekly discussion.
  • I will also provide my on-campus office schedule, and my home phone number.


This course does not have a face-to-face orientation.  Please check my email message to you for more information about the orientation and the option to participate in an online orientation.

Course Requirements

  • Review the “What you should know before you register” section of the Distance Learning Homepage.
  • Two exams, consisting of multiple choice and short-answer questions
  • Five one- or two-page homework assignments
  • Four written observations of young children of specific ages

Texts and Materials

Textbook information:  To visit our bookstore's online sales site, please and follow the instructions for selecting textbooks.

Technical Requirements and Plug-Ins:

The following software/plug-ins are required for this course:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows Media Player
  • Word Viewer, if you don’t have the full version of Microsoft Word
  • Acrobat Viewer
  • Flash
  • PowerPoint Viewer, if you don't have the full version of Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Quick Time
  • Real Player


For purposes of verification and assessing learning outcomes, this course has two proctored exams at the HCC Testing Center for students in the local region or at a regional institution for remote students. The exam will have a flexible window of time during which it needs to be taken rather than a single date and time.

If you have any questions or comments about this course, please send a message to Vickie Williams,

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