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CMSY 212 Virtual Process Management in Business


This course uses a problem-solving, project-based approach to involve students in real-life business management issues. Focusing on such areas as human resources, customer service, marketing, and financial issues, students will resolve situations employing forward-looking virtual technology with consideration of the global arena. Students will exit the course with a theoretical and practical ability to use elements of the virtual environment for business activities. Familiarity with browsers, internet concepts, and personal computers is recommended for course success. (3 hours weekly)

Overall Course Objectives

Following completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Utilize tools and basic concepts for using Virtual Worlds and other Web 2.0 tools to market and advertise business.
2. Identify advantages and challenges of participating in a virtual community.
3. Create an avatar and a small business in a virtual world.
4. Promote and advertise employment opportunities, business information and products in a virtual world.
5. Employ videoconferencing software for business.
6. Identify applications of these technologies in business, personnel relationships and related aspects of the global arena.

Major Topics
I. Tools and Basic Concepts of a Virtual Environment
II. Technical obstacles to widespread participation in online community
III. How people use Virtual Worlds for business
IV. Creating a community in Virtual World for business uses.
V. Virtual Worlds and Global Environment
VI. Managing, marketing, advertising in Virtual Environment
VII. Uses of Virtual Environment in Business, Economics, and other uses.

Course Requirements

Specific assignments and procedures for evaluating student performance will be provided in the course syllabus, by the individual instructor and may include the following:

  • Electronic tests on course content
  • Written analysis of managing virtual employees using critical thinking skills to identify and evaluate a variety of factors affecting Virtual Worlds and Online communities that are discussed in the course.
  • Online group interactions and projects that serve to create collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Other Course Information

This course is a Business and Internet elective.

Student Profile - Maribel