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CMSY127 Microsoft Outlook - Online

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to use Microsoft® Outlook to send and receive e-mails, organize schedules and events, and maintain contact lists, to-do lists, and notes. This course may be completed in fewer than 14 weeks.  All of the work (except tests) may be done outside of class if student has complete version of Microsoft® (Not Outlook Web Access).

InstructorJoanne Kearns
Office Technology ClassroomDH-301
Phone(443) 518-4876

Registered Students | Overall Course Objectives | Major Course Topics | Course Format | Orientation | Course Requirements | Materials | Exams

Registered Students

Immediately after enrolling, please go to, choose the semester, and complete the pre-semester notification form.

Overall Course Objectives

Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Create, send, reply, forward, and print e-mail messages.
  • Schedule, edit, and move appointments.
  • Schedule events and meetings.
  • Change calendar options; customize calendar view.
  • Add, edit, delete, find, sort, filter, and print contacts.
  • Add, update, delete, assign and accept tasks.
  • Create and edit notes.
  • Integrate Outlook with other Office programs and the Internet.
  • Customize rules, menus, toolbars, and the Navigation Pane.
  • Create a shared workbook.

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Major Course Topics

  • E-Mail
    • Creating, sending, reading, deleting, and replying to messages 
    • Creating a new entry in an address book
    • Creating a signature
    • Filtering, finding, and sorting messages
    • Organizing messages into folders
    • Changing message options
    • Managing attachments
  • Tasks and Schedules
    • Scheduling appointments and recurring appointments
    • Changing calendar options and view
    • Editing and moving appointments
    • Scheduling events and meetings
    • Creating and editing notes
    • Creating and assigning tasks
  • Contacts
    • Adding, editing, deleting, finding, sorting, and printing contacts
    • Creating and using a Contacts folder
  • Integration and the Internet
    • Importing and exporting files
    • Viewing Web pages
  • Customize
    • Customizing and publishing calendars
    • Creating and managing Quick Steps
    • Configuring Outlook options
    • Customizing the Navigation Pane
    • Customizing the To-Do Bar, menus and toolbars

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Course Format

  • This course is not self-paced.  However, students may accelerate their pace so that they may finish the course in fewer than 14 weeks.
  • The syllabus lists course requirements.
  • This schedule is posted in the learning management system and is available for students all semester.
  • No on-campus meetings are required.  However, this course does require on-campus attendance for tests.  The tests may be taken during any open hours in the Office Technology classroom.  Please note, however, that all CMSY127 students are welcome to come to the Office Technology classroom to do classwork and/or to receive personal help from an instructor.
  • Modules contain course instructions.
  • Canvas learning management is the method of communication. 
  • Real-time chats are not required.

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This course has a manadatory face-to-face orientation held on the Saturday morning prior to the semester start.  Please click on to view the orientation schedules.

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Course Requirements

For complete technical requirements, specific course instructions, and information to help you assess options that best fit your lifestyle and learning style, visit

  • Come to the Office Technology classroom to take tests which have deadlines for completion.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Although there are no prerequisites for the course, having basic knowledge of Microsoft Word 2010 will make Outlook easier to learn as you will understand the basic concepts using Windows and Word.
  • Complete three homework assignments which have deadlines for completion.

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Texts and Materials Required

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Complete, Shelly Cashinan Series
Shelly, Romanoski, Freund, Enger | Course Technology, Cengage Learning 2012 | ISBN: 978--0-538-47530-3 

Additional textbook information:  Please visit, and follow the instructions for selecting textbooks.

Two flash drives

Technical Requirements for Online Students:
Review the Technical Requirements link above. The course requires:

  • A Web browser

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For purposes of verification and assessing learning outcomes, this course has three theory exams and three production exams, which have deadlines for completion.  The exams must be taken at the college during any open hours in the Office Technology classroom.  


If you have any questions or comments about this course, please send a message to
Cindy Garnsey

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