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BMGT 145 Principles of Management

Credits:            3
Instructor:       Dr. Rose Safir

Overall Course Objectives | Course Format | Orientation | Course Requirements | Texts and Materials | Exams

Overall Course Objectives

Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Understand planning and managerial decision-making.
  • Become familiar with various types of business organizations.
  • Learn how businesses are organized and how to incorporate change and innovation to the firm.
  • Discuss how managers lead and motivate subordinates.
  • Learn the role of the entrepreneur in starting and developing businesses.
  • Discover how the role of human resource management has developed and changed in this century.

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Course Format
  • Is not self-paced.
  • Does not require on-campus meetings, except to take two exams in the Test Center. (For more information about taking exams, see the “Exams” section below.)
  • The communication in the class will take place through emails and a weekly chat.
  • Does require real-time chats. The time of the chat will be determined later.

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This course does not have a face-to-face orientation.

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Course Requirements
  • Review the “What you should know before you register” section of the eLearning home page.
  • Complete 5 business applications.
  • Complete 5 case studies as assigned.
  • Complete a research paper - 5 to 7 pages.
  • Take a mid-term and a final exam in the Test Center.

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Texts and Materials

To visit our bookstore's online sales site, please visit and follow the instructions for selecting textbooks.


For purposes of verification and assessing learning outcomes, this course has two proctored exams, a mid-term and a final, at the HCC Testing Center for students in the local region or at a regional institution for remote students. The exam will have a flexible window of time during which it needs to be taken rather than a single date and time.

If you have any questions or comments about this course, please send a message to eLearning,

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