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BMGT 203 Business Ethics

This course will study the status and elements of ethics within the modern business world and environment. The impact of governing bodies, the role of industry-imposed guidelines, the element of corporate social responsibility, and accepted standards of conduct will comprise some of the elements of this course. Students will learn to examine instances of ethical dilemma, select elements that influence ethical considerations, and determine appropriate ethical decision-making processes. (3 hours weekly)

Credit                 3
Prerequisites     Eligible to enroll in ENGL-121
Instructor          Christopher Peak

Overall Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Compare and contrast the concepts of law, ethics, and morals.
2. Compare and contrast several ethical theories.
3. Analyze the interrelationships between ethics and other business forces, such as corporate social responsibility.
4. Outline the features of modern business operations which impact on ethics.
5. Analyze contemporary organizational and business situations and identify their ethical parameters.
6. Describe liability in ethical situations and identify instances of risk.
7. Select components of an ethical dilemma.
8. Access resources to apply in the ethical decision-making process.
9. Utilize critical thinking skills in analysis of business ethics.

Major Topics

I. Principles of Ethics
A. Definitions
B. Elements and relationships
C. Ethical Climates
II. The Organizational and Business Environment of Ethics
A. Ethical Practice in Conduct of Business
B. Social Responsibility, Individual and Corporate
C. Impact of Basic Business Skills and Leadership in Prevention and Resolution of Ethical Problems
D. Personal and Corporate Liability
E. Consequences of Unethical Behavior
III. Resources
A. Legal parameters
B. Professional Guidelines
C. Personal Code of Ethics
D. Components of an Ethical Dilemma
E. Ethical Decision-making Process
IV. Ethical Case Studies

Course Requirements

Grading practices will be determined by the individual faculty, but will include exams, written papers, case study analyses, and tests.

Other Course Information

This course serves as a Business elective.   




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