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BMGT 100 Introduction to Business & Organization

Course Description

In this course, students will explore all of the primary disciplines in business on an introductory level: economics, human resource management, finance options, managerial accounting principles and marketing strategies.  Students will examine challenges present in the current business environment and consider them with an eye toward ethics, social responsibility and effect management strategies in a global economy.  The course is kept current by students' exposure to guest speakers and case analyses.  Some written and oral reports will be required from these activities.  This course is ideal both for students who wish to pursue a career in business and those who wish to gain a better understanding of the business world in which they live.

Credits             3
Prerequities     None
Instructors      Nance Keyes

Overall Course Objectives

1. Discriminate among various types of economic systems present in the world.

2. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of the American free enterprise system, including the impact of government on the system and compare it to systems around the world.

3. Identify some of the current issues in social responsibility globally and describe how ethics impacts on social responsibility.

4. Analyze the role of global information technology in business today.

5. Compare and contrast various forms of business ownership.

6. Relate the various functions of management to the process of organizing a business.

7. Compare various management and leadership styles and theories.

8. Define and explain various personnel policies as they relate to recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating.

9. Identify some of the current issues in labor unions today.

10. Analyze the role of accounting in business.

11. Describe the role and operation of the financial markets around the world.

12. Compare various forms of short‑term and long‑term financing.

13. Explain the marketing process.

14. Describe the marketing mix, including product strategy, pricing, distribution and promotion of products for single and multinational markets.

15. Describe various problems that businesses could encounter in globalizing their business.

16. Function in a group to complete a team project that requires developing strategies to complete class assignments and meet deadlines, presenting findings both orally and in writing, and, working effectively in diverse and collaborative settings.

17. Explore various pathways and careers in business.

 Major Topics

I. Economic Systems and Free Enterprise

II. Forms of Business Ownership

III. Managing a Business

IV. Personnel and Labor Union Issues

V. Financing a Business

VI. Marketing a Business

VII. Business in the International Arena

Course Format

This course:

  • Is not self-paced. We will work together on a daily and weekly schedule of required readings, written responses, and group activities. Instructions, due dates, and feedback for all major assignments will exist in Canvas. The workload, course content, and writing assignments are equal to those in a regular classroom section of BMGT100.
  • Exists on a Canvas site that you will access daily at your own convenience. All class readings and assignments live on this site.
  • May require real-time chats or conferences. We will communicate primarily through Discussions and Canvas email.
  • If you decide to take BMGT100 in the online format, you should like working on computers, be self-motivated, and be prepared to do significant amounts of work outside of class. This format may not be for you if you have a tendency to procrastinate.

Technical Requirements and Orientation:

  • Review the Technical Requirements link on the eLearning homepage.
  • Review the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" and "Is eLearning Right For You?" sections of the eLearning Homepage
  • This course does not have a face-to-face orientation. There is an online orientation highlighted in a Canvas Module.

Course Requirements / Grading

Grading is based on 3 components:  Tests (50%), Class Participation (25%) and Group Projects (25%)

  • Tests will be completed at the HCC Testing Center once a week.
  • Class Participation will include posting discussions and weekly assignments
  • Group work will involve online collaboration to complete three major assignments.

TEXTBOOK (Required)

BUSN5, 5th Edition. Kelly, Marcella and McGowen, Jim. Cengage Southwestern. ISBN-10: 1111826730 ISBN-13: 9781111826734

Student Profile - Maribel