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ACCT 112 Principles of Accounting I

Principles of Accounting II is a study of accounting for corporations, investments and long term liabilities, interpretation and analysis of financial statements. The course also includes managerial accounting for costs, planning, and control of business operations. In addition, it reviews the concepts learned in Principles of Accounting I.

Credits              3
Prerequisites    ACCT-111
Instructor         Janet Cullison
Office                RFC 219
Phone               443-518-4904

Overall Course Objectives | Major Course Topics | Course Format | Orientation | Course Requirements | Texts and Materials | Exams

Overall Course Objectives

Once you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Prepare entries for corporate organization and equity.
  • Prepare entries for unique corporate operations and special equity transactions and prepare book value and earnings per share computations.
  • Account for the issuance of bonds.
  • Account for investments in corporate securities.
  • Measure cash flow.
  • Analyze and interpret financial statements.
  • Account for manufacturing operations, job order and process costing.
  • Analyze using cost volume profit analysis and cost behavior.
  • Prepare budgets and flexible budgets.
  • Evaluate standard costs and prepare variance analysis.
  • Recognize relevant information, perform incremental analysis, and capital budgeting.

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Major Course Topics

  • Corporations: Organization and Stockholder's Equity
  • Corporations: Operations and Additional Stockholders' Equity Transactions
  • Special Types of Liabilities
  • Investments in Corporate Securities
  • Measuring Cash Flows
  • Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Accounting for Manufacturing Operations
  • Cost Accounting Systems
  • Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
  • Relevant Information, Incremental Analysis and Capital Budgeting - optional

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Course Format

The course format includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Is not self-paced.
  • Does not require on-campus meetings, but on-campus testing (or its equivalent) are required.
  • Does not require real-time chats.
  • The communication in the class will take place through Canvas emails, online bulletin board discussions and a weekly chat.
  • Accounting is sequential, if you miss assignments and do not "catch up" before the next assignment, you will not understand the new material or be prepared to participate in discussions or quizzes on future assignments.
  • The course format allows for problems getting started. The first quiz requires the student to review the course format on the web-site and provide feedback to the instructor including questions and problems they are experiencing.

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This course does not have a face-to-face orientation. Please check my email message to you for more information about the orientation and the option to participate in an online orientation.

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Course Requirements

  • Review the “What you should know before you register” section of the Distance Learning Homepage.
  • After registration you will need to know your Student ID for this course.
  • You are expected to work with your teammates, and collaborate with classmates.
  • Ability to download various programs from the Internet (i.e., Adobe Acrobat Reader),
    OR a willingness to meet and work with a fellow student who has this expertise, OR an ability to utilize personal computers in the Computer Lab for online access to course materials and email, and computers in the Library for research.

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Texts and Materials

To visit our bookstore's online sales site, please visit and follow the instructions for selecting textbooks.

Exams & Quizzes

Four exams will be given and there will be at least 5 quizzes.

If you have any questions or comments about this course, please send a message to Distance and Alternative Learning.

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