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Hybrid Courses

A hybrid course is an ideal combination of classroom interaction with the use of online resources.  Because so many of the course interactions are conducted online, the amount of class meeting time is half that of the traditional onsite version of the course.  Students may use computers in the campus computer labs or use their home computers with Internet access to complete online course activities.

For further information about Hybrid courses, please contact the appropriate division offices.

Arts and Humanities:  443-518-1480

ARTT-103 Art Appreciation
FILM-171 Intro to American Cinema
FILM-172 Intro to World Cinema

 ENGL/World Languages:  443-518-1540

ARAB-204 Advanced Intermediate Arabic II
ENGL-121 College Composition
FYEX-100 First Year Experience

Business/Computers:  443-518-1520

ACCT-201 Accounting Work Exp. I
ACCT-202 Accounting Work Exp. II
BMGT-100 Intro to Business & Organization
BMGT-132 Sales and Sales Management
BMGT-130 Principles of Marketing
BMGT-200 Managing for the Future
BMGT-201 Business Work Exp. I
BMGT-202 Business Work Exp. II
CMSY-129 Principles of the Internet
CMSY-138 Information Systems and Computer Applications
CMSY-201 Computer Sys Work Exp. I
CMSY-202 Computer Sys Work Exp. II
COOP-190 Internship I
COOP-191 Internship II
COOP-201 Coop. Ed. Work Exp. I 
COOP-202 Coop. Ed. Work Exp. II
OFFI-201   Office Tech. Work Exp.

 Health Sciences:  443-518-1560

CARD-101Cardiovascular Assessments
CARD-108 Advanced Anatomy and Pathophysiology
CARD-115 X-Ray Theory
CARD-201 Cardiovascular Pharmacology
CARD-206 Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiovascular Procedures
CARD-207 Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures
CARD-250 Advanced Interventional Radiology Procedures
CARD-251 Advanced Interventional Procedures
CARD-108 Advanced Anatomy and Pathophysiology
HEAL-108  Developing Professional Behaviors
NURS-103 Transition in Nursing II
NURS-230 Trends in Nursing

Mathematics:  443-518-1580

MATH-070 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-138 Statistics
MATH-141 College Algebra
MATH-143 Precalculus I

Social Sciences/Teacher Education:  443-518-1620

EDUC-101  Praxis I Review Course: Reading/Writing Tests
EDUC-102  Praxis I Review Course: Math Test, Health Sciences
HIST-122    Middle Ages to 1815 (Western Civilization and the Pre-Modern World)
HIST-123    Western Civilization and the Modern World

Science/Technology Division:  443-518-1600

GEOL-107  Intro. to Physical Geology
PHYS-106   Earth and Space Science

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