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FYEX-100    First Year Experience  2 credits

First Year Experience 100 engages students in a highly interactive, critical thinking experience and in a meta-cognitive pursuit to understand themselves as intentional learners and as civic and global citizens. Through self-assessment, reading, writing, and reflection, students develop habits of mind necessary to engage in academic inquiry, creative and critical thinking, and scholarly discourse with integrity and civility; develop their ability to articulate their long-term goals as related to their own beliefs and values; and strengthen their capacity to appreciate diversity and effective intercultural and interpersonal communication.


2412   F160           6:00PM-8:00PM      F         DH117    
                              9:00AM-12:30PM    SSU    DH117    

FAST TRACK Earn 2 credits in 3 weekends. Class meets 9/5-9/7, 9/12-9/14 and 9/19-9/21. Students must purchase textbook prior to first class meeting.
Fees: $25.00.


NUTR-211    Nutrition  3 credits

This course will provide students with a general understanding of nutrition and health. The functions and importance of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and the relationship between nutrition and exercise in weight management are included.



0951    F345          6:00PM-9:15PM    F    HS162    
                              9:00AM-1:00PM    S    HS162
                            12:00PM-3:00PM    SU  HS162
Fast Track  Earn 3 credits in 4 weekends. Class meets Fri, Sat, and Sun on Sept 19-21, Sept 26-28, Oct 3-5, and Oct 10-12, 2014. Please purchase textbook prior to first class meeting.


SOCI-101    Introduction to Sociology  3 credits

A study of concepts including culture, socialization, deviance, social change and stratification will be applied to social problems and everyday living.

PRQ: Eligible to enroll in ENGL-121.


2782    F945          6:00PM-9:15PM    F        
                              9:00AM-3:00PM    S        
                            12:00PM-4:15PM    SU    
FAST TRACK Earn 3 credits in 3 weekends. Class meets Fri, Sat, Sun; Oct 24-26, Oct 31-Nov 2, and Nov 7-9.
Fees: $15.00.

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