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Using Test Centers At Other Locations

If you have students who are truly at a distance, you can still give them monitored tests by following the procedure outlined below. As it can sometimes take a few weeks to locate and arrange for such testing, the student, with your knowledge and consent, should begin this process as soon as the semester begins. You may wish to include this procedure as part of your course orientation material.

1. The distant student is responsible for finding a Test Center located near his/her home and for contacting that Test Center to find out if the center is willing to administer the test(s) for an HCC class. Once an approved local Test Center has been identified, the student will notify the HCC Test Center and you. The HCC Test Center is responsible the exchange of tests/exams between HCC and the local center.

Student Responsibilities:

  • The student is responsible for any costs associated with the use of the local test center.
  • The student must contact the Test Center at Howard Community College, for assistance in locating an acceptable test center at 443-518-1280 or via e-mail    
  • A list of approved testing sites can be found at
  • If the student is not located near a recognized Test Center, other arrangements may be made. Other acceptable proctors include full time faculty members at accredited institutions, supervisors within a library that provides proctoring services, or approved military officials. If a student is located off site because of military service and there is no Test Center on base, the proctor must be at least two full ranks above the student. These arrangements need to be made well in advance of any testing date(s) because the testing site or proctor must receive approval from Howard Community College Test Center.  Contact the Test Center via e-mail at .
  • The student will also notify you once these testing arrangements have been made. 
  • Once the exam is delivered to the student's local test center, the student must work with that center to schedule a test time that complies with your instructions.

2. You must provide the HCC Test Center with the test(s) and other relevant information via e-mail attachment so that the HCC Test Center can send the proper test(s) to the student’s local test center. If it is impossible to provide electronic versions of tests, please contact the Test Center staff to make alternative arrangements.

3. The student's local test center will send the completed exam back to the Howard Community College Test Center via e-mail, fax, or mail to be forwarded to you.

Campus Test Center:  RCF-359
Phone: 443-518-1280


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