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Q: How do I log on to Canvas?
The Canvas log on page is  
A link to the log on page is posted on  the HCC Home Page.
Once you have been assigned a course and section and your course site has been created on Canvas, you can Log In. Your username is your HCC express username and your password is your seven digit HCC Colleague employee id number. (If you do not know your Colleague employee id number, please ask a division office staff member to look it up for you.) Once you have logged in, you will see all your Canvas course sites listed under the link "Courses," located in the red horizontal banner.

Q: How do I get a supplemental site on Canvas for my on-campus, "face-to-face" course?
A: It’s easy.

Once you know what course and what section of that course you are teaching, let your division office staff know that you would like the course/section designated in Colleague as using Canvas. Your Canvas site should be ready for you within 24 hours of its designation in Colleague.

Q: What about courses that are team-taught? Will all the instructors get populated when course shells are created?
A: No. Only the primary instructor will be automatically populated. All others must be added manually.

If the course is team taught, only the primary instructor will automatically be entered on the course site when the shell is created. Additional or secondary instructors will have to be entered manually onto the course site.

Q: How do I learn to use Canvas?
You may wish to consult the Canvas Faculty Training site:  In addition, you may want to contact your division's eLearning Coordinator (the list is located on the training site).

Q: How do my students learn to use Canvas tools?
A: We have created a Canvas Student Training site:

This site provides instruction on how to use the tools in Canvas. Log in information is posted on the main Canvas log on page at Links and log in information are also posted on the Distance Learning Homepage.  On your course site, please post instructions for how your students can access this Orientation.

Although it is designed for students, you might find it useful, too.

Q: When are students populated in course sites?
The first global population of students into courses takes place the week before classes begin.

The first global population takes place two or three days before classes begin. We do this so you can check your sites ahead of time to make sure that the students are populated and you are ready to go for your orientations and/or the first day of the semester.

Q: How often are students populated into courses?
A: Student population into course sites is automated and takes place every two hours.

We generally begin populating course sites on the Friday before the semester begins for Fall and Spring and a day or two before the other sessions. Once begun, population is automated and takes place every two hours.

Q: Does this automated population also remove students who have dropped?
Yes. Students who have dropped your course will still be on unenrolled from your course site. At the end of the Withdrawal period, we also unenroll those students who withdraw.

Students who drop your course or who withdraw from it will be removed from your Canvas site.

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