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What is the college's policy on Service Learning?
The process of engaging students in local and global community-based learning experiences is multifaceted.  Howard Community College has multiple offices and staff members that work in partnership with faculty members and community organizations to facilitate such endeavors.  It is necessary for faculty to collaborate with the appropriate offices and staff members when developing and implementing community-based learning experiences for students to ensure the college's high standard for student safety, pedagogical effectiveness and community relations.

The Center for Service Learning enhances academic and co-curricular learning through the integration of service learning, a method of instruction where students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that relates directly to content-specific course learning objectives, meets established community needs and provides structured opportunities for student reflection.  Faculty interested in engaging students in academic service learning should work collaboratively with the Center for Service Learning to design a curricular integration that reflects national best practices.

How do I incorporate a Service Learning integration into my course?
Twice each year, the Center for Service Learning accepts proposals for Service Learning course integrations.  Fall semester integration requests are accepted in May and spring semester integration requests are accepted in October.  For complete details on the proposal process, including how to get started, review our Service Learning Integration Process handout.

Why should I incorporate Service Learning in my course?
  • Service Learning connects the realities of the world to the classroom
  • Service Learning addresses a variety of learning styles
  • Service Learning creates new avenues for research and publication
  • Service Learning enriches and enlivens teaching and learning
  • Service Learning assists faculty and students in developing deeper relationships where both students and instructors become role-models

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