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Spring 2013

Interact with ENGL-121 students  and learn about the crucial global issues presented in the documentary films from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.  HCC Staff and Faculty can receive Diversity Credit for attending this event!

The following films will be presented - click on a title to watch the film's trailer!

After Tiller - While attending church in 2009, Dr. George Tiller was shot to death by an anti-abortion extremist.  This film follows the only 4 remaining licensed U.S. physicians who perform third-trimester abortions during the wake of his death.

American Promise - Follow 2 middle-class African American families as they seek to educate their children and to empower them.  "American Promise" explores the concept of the black male achievement gap.

Blackfish - "Blackfish" examines the ethics of keeping intelligent sea creatures in captivity.  In particular, the film studies the case of Tilikum, an orca (or "killer whale") who is responsible for the death of three SeaWorld trainers including Dawn Brancheau who died in 2010.

Blood Brother - While drifting through India, Rocky Braat met a group of children infected with HIV.  Now he lives there with them, giving back and finding meaning in his daily life.

Citizen Koch - This film takes a look at how American elections are financed and how that financing influences the outcome.  "Citizen Koch" reveals the financing behind Gov. Scott Walker's re-election campaign in Wisconsin and examines the Supreme Court ruling in the 2010 case Citizens United vs. FEC that came after the election.

Cutie & the Boxer - Cutie & Bullie are the comic-drawn alter-egos of Noriko and Ushio Shinohara, two Japanese artists who met in New York in the '70s. Throughout 40 years of marriage, the two have faced countless hardships.  The film shows how their symbiotic relationship has grown.

Fallen City - In 2008, a devastating earthquake in China destroyed both the buildings and human lives in the mountain city of Beichuan.  "Fallen City" follows three survivors from the town, who have been relocated to a "new Beichuan" set up by the Chinese government.

Fire in the Blood - Millions of people in the developing world can't afford the drugs needed to treat HIV, so they were being withheld from them.  See the outrage caused by the fact that the drugs were in places that the disease was not.

God Loves Uganda - This documentary explores the religious campaign of the America's Christian Right in Uganda.

Linsanity - Jeremy Lin proved himself as a basketball player in February 2012 after being given a chance to prove himself while playing for the New York Knicks on the NBA courts.  Before this chance, he had been struggling to make it as a player.  "Linsanity" offers a view into his career.

Manhunt - Manhunt shows the true story of the search for Osama bin Laden as it was begun by a group of female CIA analysts known as the Sisterhood.  The Sisterhood's warnings about bin Laden and Al Qaeda went unheeded - until after 9/11.

Muscle Shoals - A story of the revolutionary American music that came out of a small Alabama town.

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer - After Vladimir Putin was reistalled as president of Russia in 2001, the punk rock band Pussy Riot dared to enter a famous cathedral in Moscow to sing "Mother Mary, Banish Putin!" Now, three of the band's women are imprisoned for this action. The film explores their story.

Narco Cultura - This film examines "narco culture" and the corrido music that glorifies the violent lifestyle of Mexican drug cartels.  In particular, the film looks at the border town of Juarez, Mexico, where 9 murders occur each day.

A River Changes Course - Follow three Cambodians and their families to see the effects of deforestation, over-fishing and debt on human life.

Salma - Despite being locked in a small room for years, Salma kept her spirit by writing secret poetry to express her feelings.  She lived to escape and become a poet and activist.  "Salma" shares her story.

The Summit - In August 2008, 24 climbers met on the High Camp of K2, the last stop before the summit of the most dangerous mountain on earth.  Within 2 days, 11 of them were killed or had vanished.