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April 17-22, 2011

Students: Molly Brown, Karis Crone, Adnan Hameed, Risa Komoto, Michelle McLamb, Marquita Monroe, Jack Neumeier, Lauren Osofsky and Lindsay Terrell.

Advisors: Brittany Budden and Pam Wallentiny

During the week, the group volunteered with three different organizations practicing community-supported sustainable agriculture.  Sustainable agriculture is the practice of growing food in a way that preserves and enhances the environment, provides economic opportunity and good health for individuals and communities. It avoids chemical pesticides and long-distance travel, striving instead to create fresh, healthy produce for local consumption.  The group began the week volunteering on two different farms with The Food Project where they helped grow healthy produce for inner city public schools and hunger relief organizations.  Wednesday, the team planted 5,600 organic seedlings at Waltham Fields Community Farm which will grow to be food for the local community and a special farmers market for low-income individuals.  The team spent Thursday at Natick Community Organic Farm where they supported education and outreach by making highly needed repairs to an energy-free pre-school located on the farm.  In order to embrace environmental sustainability on and off the farms, the group stayed at a LEED gold certified extended stay facility and tried to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.  Thanks to a gift of individual lunch coolers from the HCC FAST Committee, the participants were even able to “brown-bag” their lunches without using and disposing of brown bags!  The last day of their break was spent at Harvard University; a pioneer in campus sustainability, where they toured LEED certified facilities and explored innovative campus sustainability practices in order to bring impact-driven ideas back to HCC. Check out our video on YouTube!

Working at The Food Project

In the Food Project's Greenhouse

Working at the Food ProjectWorking in the covered area at the Food Project

Working at Waltham Farm

Natick Farm
Working at the Waltham Fields Community FarmWorking on the Preschool at Natick Farm

Visiting Harvard

Dinner in Boston

Visiting Harvard UniversityThe Group Eats Together in Downtown Boston