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April 5-10, 2010

Students: Brandy Bennett, Emily Caspar, Amberlynn Fenner, Kacy Gabbert, Yohona Glorgis, Genova Holt, Heather Johnson, Jessica Korzeniowski, Julia Mitchell and Monica Parker

Advisors: Brittany Budden and Jeanette Jeffrey

During the week, the group volunteered at three different animal welfare sites; the Society for Animal Rescue and Adoption Sanctuary, Etasha Rescue and Adoption Center and Cibolo Animal Control.  Collectively, they fed, cleaned and cared for over 900 dogs, cats, pigs, goats, cows, donkeys, roosters and horses.  In addition to caring for the animals at Cibolo Animal Control, the students had the opportunity to help the head animal control officer document an animal cruelty case. 

Check out our video on YouTube!

Cleaning Cat Cages

Students with Horses

              Cleaning out cat cages at Cibolo Animal Control                           With one of the horses at SARA

Walking the dogs

Group Photo

                   Walking the dogs at Cibolo Animal Control                     The whole group in downtown San Antonio