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What is the Global Giving Market?

The Global Giving Market is an on-campus event where students from BMGT 100 (Intro to Business) offer a selection of fair trade products for sale.  The class is split into "companies," each selling a number of products and competing to make the most profits.  The proceeds of the market are given to the artisans and farmers who created the goods.  The students learn through the process, which involves:

  • Learning about fair trade
  • Performing market research
  • Selecting products to sell on-campus
  • Educating the community about fair trade values including
    • community development
    • environmental stewardship
    • fair labor conditions

In addition to participating in the Global Giving Market, BMGT 100 students will spend a day volunteering for SERRV International in their warehouse doing inventory, packing and shipping orders.

When and where is the Global Giving Market?

Last fall, the Global Giving Market was held on November 14 from 11:00am until 2:00pm in the HVPA Lobby.

For directions to HCC's campus, click here.

For a map of Duncan Hall, click here.

What items will be sold?

Each year, the BMGT 100 class is divided into groups, or "companies".  Each group selects a number of products to be sold on the date of the market.  For a preview of the products available this year, click here.

What is fair trade?

To read FAQs about fair trade certification, click here.

Where do the Global Giving Market products come from?

The items for sale at the market are purchased on consignment from SERRV International.

What is SERRV International?

SERRV International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty worldwide.  Learn more about them from their website:
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