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The Center for Service Learning Mission Statement

The mission of the Howard Community College Center for Service Learning is to enhance academic and co-curricular learning through the integration of Service Learning.  We collaborate with the community to create meaningful service experiences that extend classroom and co-curricular learning while encouraging civic engagement, community awareness and personal development.

Definition of Service Learning

Service Learning is a method of instruction where students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that

  • is integrated into and enhances academic and co-curricular learning
  • is conducted in and meets the needs of the community
  • is coordinated with an institution of higher education and community partners
  • helps foster civic responsibility
  • includes structured time for the students to reflect on the service experience. (Adapted from the Corporation for National and Community Service)

Benefits of Service Learning

Service Learning in Maryland's Community Colleges Consortium

Visit the "Service Learning in Maryland's Community Colleges Consortium" website at: