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Find everything that you need

  • Everything that you need to complete the steps is explained in the next 7 steps
  • To see the Handbooks, Agency Directories and Forms, click on the links below

Read through the Student Handbook

  • Make sure you understand all of the guidelines for Service Learning at HCC
  • Be sure to read through the practice phone interview before reach out to service sites

Step 1: Complete a Service Learning Waiver

  • If you are under 18 years of age, your parent/guardian will also need to sign the waiver

Step 2: Find a Site & Contact Them

  • Review the partners in the Agency Directory and select a potential service site
  • Check the service site with the guidelines presented by your instructor to make sure that it fits your class requirements
  • You MUST select a site from the approved HCC Agency Directory list
  • Are you going to volunteer at a public school?  If so, fill out a Criminal History Disclosure Statement form, have it notarized & return it to the Center for Service Learning (McCuan Hall 120) BEFORE you start volunteering
      • Will you be able to easily travel to this service site to volunteer?
      • Do the hours of operation fit into your schedule?
  • When you contact the agency or school:
    • Talk with the Volunteer Coordinator about service opportunities
    • Make sure that the volunteer assignment you agree to meets your course requirements

Step 3: Complete a Service Learning Placement Agreement

  • Meet with the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss what you will be doing at the site
  • Together, fill out the Service Learning Placement Agreement completely (Nursing Students: use the Nursing Placement Agreement)
  • Turn in the signed Placement Agreement to your instructor BEFORE you volunteer
  • Check your course syllabus and/or canvas to find the due date of the Placement Agreement for your course

Step 4: Log Your Service Hours

  • Record your service hours on the Hours Log and have your site supervisor initial next to each entry
  • On your last day of service, after fulfilling your hours, have your site supervisor sign your Hours Log and complete the Student Assessment on the right side of the page