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What do Step UP students say about the program?

  • “I love having uninterrupted time with my coach.”
  • “My coach listens and helps me work through problems.”
  • “I have learned how to stand up for myself.”
  • “I like the close relationship I have with my coach.”
  • “I can talk to my coach about anything.”
  • “I feel like my coach knows what I am going through.”
  • “I have learned how to talk to my teachers.”
  • “I feel more connected to HCC.”

How does Step UP work?

  • Meet once a week with your Step UP coach throughout the semester to discuss anything that is related to helping you succeed. 
  • You decide what you want to focus on; your coach is there to support you.

Who should enroll in Step UP?

  • Students who think they could benefit by having a guide/mentor/supporter.
  • Students who want help connecting to HCC.
  • Students who need help adjusting academically or socially.

How is Step UP helpful?

  • You will have your own advocate/guide/supporter to encourage you and help you make the transition to college.
  • You will improve your chances to succeed in your courses by having the support and encouragement of a Step UP coach.

What responsibilities would I have if I join Step UP?

  • Make a commitment to meet with your Step UP coach once a week.
  • Cancel an appointment if you cannot make it.
  • Work on achieving goals that you set.

How do I sign up for Step UP?

  • Send an email to  Include the following information:
    • Your name
    • Student ID number
    • Home phone number
    • Cell phone number


  • Call Jacqueline Dzubak at 443-518-4155

Student Profile - Maribel