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Natalie Walters

The Silas Craft Collegians Program is a comprehensive academic program leading to an associates degree at Howard Community College. A select group of students go through the program together, receiving personalized attention, mentoring, and peer reinforcement. The program is specifically designed for recent high school graduates whose past academic performance does not reflect their true potential.

What makes the program unique?
As a Silas Craft Collegian, you will be part of a "learning community" — a group of students with your own classes, career planning, skills assessment and development, tutoring, internships, community service opportunities, and networking with professionals. Plus, you’ll go on trips and have other great experiences outside of HCC. Finally, you’ll have special opportunities to transfer to a four-year college to continue your education. The Silas Craft Collegians Program welcomes a broad range of students with different backgrounds and experiences. An important focus of the program is to support African American male students in achieving their academic and career goals. However, the program is not exclusively for African Americans.

How will I know which classes to take?
Silas Craft Collegians have their own advisor who can guide them in making wise academic and transfer choices. In addition to the Silas Craft core curriculum, you will take classes related to your major with other HCC students. Working closely with your advisor, you’ll be well prepared for each semester.