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Spring 2014 Honors Offerings  

Honors Classes (register in HCC Express) 

►HIST-123H     Western Civilization and the Modern World–HONORS
6071 H903      MW     12:30PM-1:50PM       Main Campus

►MATH-182      Calculus II  (4 credits)
5851    H401  MWF    8:00 – 9:20 AM    Main Campus    

►PHIL-101H      Introduction to Philosophy–HONORS Fees: $30
6652 H704      MW     2:00PM-3:20PM         Main Campus

►PSYC-101H    General Psychology–HONORS Fees: $30
 6136 H901   TTH     11:00AM-12:20PM     Main Campus

►SOCI-101H     Introduction to Sociology–HONORS
 6186 H901   TTH     3:30PM-4:50PM         Main Campus

Honors Seminars (Register with Your Instructor or Seminar Leader)

►BIOL-101H Intro to Biology
W 3-4:30PM: 2/5, 2/19, 2/26, 3/12 & 4/9
Denise Izzi                                                                                                        

►BIOL-105H Environmental Science                                                          
W 12:30-1:50PM: 2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/26, 4/9                                       
TBA – Contact division office at 443-518-1600                                   

►BIOL-203H Anatomy & Physiology                                                           
M 2-3:20: Begins 2/10                                                                                   
Jennifer Hughes                                                                                            

►BIOL-204H Anatomy & Physiology                                                           
M 1-2 PM: Begins 2/3                                                                                   
Bhuvana Chandran & Annette Zeender Morris                                

W 12:30-1:50: 2/12/14-4/23/14   
Mary Beth Furst                                                                                              
You must register in HCC Express for this seminar

►CHEM-101H General Inorganic Chemistry                                            
W 2-3 PM: Begins 2/5                                                                                   
William Brown                                                                                                

►CMSY 129            

The Creative Process Honors seminar is intended for students who want to spend more time discussing the issues of aesthetics and how what makes something a work of art varies among disciplines. Students will be using the reviews or critiques that they are writing for the arts class* they are enrolled in as a springboard for discussing how to effectively understand, communicate,  and review the intentions and efforts of the artists in any of the following on-campus arts events: a play; a gallery show; a musical performance; a film. Each seminar will be conducted by an artist or critic and tied to an event occurring on campus that semester. Discussions and short readings will center on creative and intellectual issues in the arts.

M 4-5:50pm: 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24                                                
Barbara Brickman                                                                                           

*ARTT-104, ARTT-105, ARTT-122, ARTT-143, DANC-103, ENGL-115, ENGL-215, FINE-102, FINE / WMST-193, THET/ENGL-250, THET/ENGL-209, THET-260 and 261. THET-190, THET-191, FINE-103, MUSC-202, MUSC-203, FILM-171, FILM-172, and 200 level FILM classes.

The Literature Honors Seminar is open to students currently enrolled in a Literature Core course and intended for those who want to enhance their literary appreciation, critical understanding, and analytical skills. Each session will use discussion, short readings, and informal writing exercises to focus on a different skill or aspect of the literary experience, including close reading, the creative writing process, performance, critical perspectives, and historical context.

W 3:30-5:00pm:  2/26, 3/12, 3/26, 4/9, 4/23                                         
Rick Leith                                                                                                           
Open to students taking literature this semester

►MATH-138H Statistics                                                                                   
M 3:30-4:30pm                                                                                               
Michael Long                                                                                                   

►MATH-141H College Algebra                                                                     
T 3:30-4:20pm                                                                                                  
Andrew Brown                                                                                               

►MATH-143H Pre-Calculus                                                                            
T 3:30-4:20pm                                                                                                  
Andrew Brown                                                                                                

MATH-153H Pre-Calculus II                                                                       
T 3:30-4:20pm                                                                                                  
Andrew Brown                                                                                               

►MATH-155H Pre-Calculus I & II                                                                  
T 3:30-4:20PM                                                                                                  
Andrew Brown                                                                                               

►MATH-181H Calculus I                                                                                 
Th 1:-1:50 pm                                                                                                  
Jason Lee                                                                                                          

►MATH-182H Calculus II                                                                                 
T  6-6:50 pm                                                                                                     
TBA – contact Loretta Tokoly                                                                    

►Math-240 Calculus III                                                                                    
T 1-1:50 pm                                                                                                       
John Esenwa