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Each year, Schoenbrodt Scholars and other HCC honors students engage in a wide variety of research and scholarship across the disciplines. The Honors Conference provides an opportunity to share and recognize the high level of research and scholarship across our honors courses and seminars and to provide honors students the opportunity to be involved in a scholarly conference. It is a chance for the students and faculty in the program to come together as a community and to learn from each other.

The annual conference is typically planned May. Attendance at the conference is mandatory for all students in the Schoenbrodt program.

Specific information about dates and submission of projects for consideration will be provided during the fall semester.

Conference Presentation Application Form:

Type of Scholar*
Nomination Type
Presentation Type
Special Equipment Required (check all that apply)
Please provide a 100 word abstract describing your project and proposed presentation below. A research abstract should state the problem, issue or area; state your hypothesis; describe the investigation you will conduct to test your hypothesis; and state your conclusion. A performance (art, dance, music, drama, poetry reading) abstract should state your theme, or the idea you wish to convey to the audience. Follow MLA, APA or other appropriate citation formats to document sources.
I certify that the information I have provided on this application is correct and complete. Upon request by a designated college official, I agree to provide evidence of the information on this application.