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Winner of the 2012 Andrew Heiskell Award For Innovation in International Education

Winner of the 2012 Diana Hacker TYCA Outstanding Programs in English Award for Two-Year Colleges and Teachers (Reaching Across Borders)

Global Distinction Program


The mission of the Global Distinction program is to provide the framework to ensure that students become global citizens and are prepared for both academic and professional endeavors in the interconnected and interdependent world of the 21st century.

The program began in July 2010 and is currently offered both here at Howard Community College and at the Community College of Baltimore County.  Students who graduate or transfer with Global Distinction should be able to demonstrate:

  1. Greater intercultural competency in both academic and professional areas.
  2. Improved sensitivity to other languages and cultures.
  3. Greater competency when dealing with people from other cultures.
  4. Enhanced ability to integrate the importance of diversity, civic engagement and social responsibility in a global framework.
  5. Better preparation for successful participation in a dynamic and interconnected world.
  6. Greater awareness of personal cultural norms and how they shape views and perspectives.

In order to earn Global Distinction, students must take 15 credits of globally intense coursework (including a foreign language), attend campus events once per semester, participate in study abroad or an equivalent domestic intercultural experience and summarize their work in an e-portfolio prior to graduation or transfer.