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General Sociology Resources

The resource site links provided below offer professional sociologists and sociology students the opportunity to seek out relevant information in their specific fields of expertise.

Educational Institution Sites

The following educational links offer exemplary overviews chosen from a selection of sociology department websites of major U.S. research universities.  Also included here are websites that act as sociology clearinghouses--that is, those sites that provide a relatively comprehensive list of useful sociology websites.  Information available at these sites includes:  faculty members' names and contact information, a list of departmental research interests and courses taught (often including a course description and an outline of the syllabus), and a selection of interesting sociology links.

Professional Sites

The professional websites selected below represent major U.S. professional organizations of sociologists as well as the most important international associations of sociologists.  For the most part, these websites contain information on upcoming sociology conferences and calls for professional papers.

Important Data Sites

Data sites are websites that either contain data most frequently used by sociologists or information on how to acquire essential sociological data.  These sites tend not to be well developed as of yet, in part because of the enormous cost of maintaining an Internet site dedicated to the maintenance and distribution of data. One example of just such a scenario is the website maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau--the single largest and most important social science survey conducted in the United States.  The information contained in this census is indispensable to sociologists and a significant achievement for social science, in that it offers relevant and reliable data at little or no cost to the researcher.  One can only hope that more social science data will become available to researchers at minimum cost via the Internet.

Sociology Web Zines

Web Zines are magazines or journals produced and distributed via the Internet.  While the number of Web Zines has grown tremendously over the past five years, the number of Internet journals dedicated to sociology remains small.  The low cost of producing and distributing a journal on the Internet may one day lead sociologists to produce journals exclusively in this medium.  Indeed, some of the more radical voices of cyberspace predict that libraries will eventually be replaced by Internet libraries, in which all the books and magazines that we read will be available only through the web.  Of course, this is only speculation.