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Field experiences provide the student with an opportunity to strengthen the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and dispositions that are embedded in the integrated themes of the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) program.  45 total hours of field experience is a required part of an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree.  This requirement is satisfied by meaningful time spent in classrooms for selected education courses. The field experience allows the student to observe a variety of learner characteristics and teaching practices.  Each of the field experiences will contribute to the understanding and/or attainment of national teacher education performance standards, the INTASC principles.


As a result of the field experiences, the student will

  • Gain further understanding of the characteristics of learners.
  • Gain an understanding of the many tasks involved in teaching.
  • Relate course work to actual classroom situations.

The Teacher Education Department of Howard Community College requires students who are taking EDUC 110, EDUC 130, EDUC 200, EDUC 260 or EDUC 267 to complete a 15 hour field experience. Students must successfully complete their 15 hours of observation to pass their course. Failure to complete their 15 hours of observation means the student will automatically fail the course, even if all other assignments have been completed. Field experiences are a required part of an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree (AAT). In a field experience, pre-service teachers have an excellent opportunity to observe an experienced professional and apply their classroom learning to an actual classroom. Students may provide assistance to teachers as requested.

Students will be placed in a Howard County elementary, middle, high school, or special education school that is in partnership with Howard Community College. Students will be asked for their preference of grade level and/or subject area, and will be appropriately placed as closely as possible according to the availability of their requests. Students may not request a particular school.  The current Howard County Public Schools that are in partnership with Howard Community College are Bollman Bridge Elementary School, Bushy Park Elementary School, Cedar Lane School, Clarksville Elementary School, Deep Run Elementary School, Lisbon Elementary School, Worthington Elementary School, Clarksville Middle School, Lime Kiln Middle School, Mount View Middle School, Glenelg High School, and Reservoir High School. These schools may be subject to change.

Online Field Experience Instructions