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Division chair:  Patricia Turner
Faculty:  David Hinton

The growing applications of CAD in such fields as electro-mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, multimedia, and presentation graphics have increased the demand for skilled technicians to assist in all phases of conception and design.  Graduates of this program will be able to gain employment as skilled applications specialists in CAD.
Individuals experienced in manual drafting may also enroll in this program to enhance their skills and knowledge.  Students will learn to use the CAD system to develop complex drawings and technical documents. 
Among the skills acquired in this program are the ability to program the CAD system and to develop specific application packages.  The student will become proficient in recognizing various computer graphic file formats and translation standards.  Graduates of this program will become exceptionally familiar with various CAD systems in the industry.  Together, Howard Community College and the Howard County public school system have developed a "tech prep track" in computer-aided design technology.