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Division chair:  Patricia Turner
Faculty:  David Hinton   

This program prepares graduates to enter the field of biomedical engineering technology; work in this profession is primarily centered in hospitals or for equipment manufacturers in field service.  High demand for skilled professionals worldwide offers graduates exciting opportunities to become a vital member of the health care delivery system.  Biomedical engineering program graduates will be qualified to maintain the technical equipment necessary in today's health care environment, as well as to evaluate new equipment and instruct others in the proper and safe use of the equipment.

Topics include the theory of electrical, mechanical, fluidic, electronic, and biomedical circuits and systems.  With emphasis on hands-on laboratory experiences, this program offers students a thorough knowledge of the modern health care delivery environment.

All Maryland residents enrolled in this statewide program qualify for in-county tuition.  A one-year certificate of proficiency is available to prepare students for entry-level positions.  An advanced certificate of proficiency, designed for individuals currently employed as electronic technicians and desiring a career change, is also offered.

*Affliated with the Baltimore Biomedical Society