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Faculty Employment

Howard Community College is an exciting place to work and teach. The Mathematics Division hires between 70 and 90 adjunct faculty each major semester. We also offer an extensive number of courses during winter and summer. Click on course outlines to find detailed information about course content. Recruitment for new fulltime faculty occurs once a year and is based on budgetary limitations. Watch for advertisements in February or March.

Developmental courses:  All course materials are provided by the mathematics division including partial notes and unit exams.

Instructors of Intermediate Algebra should be fluent with the graphing calculator. Lecture notes and exams are provided.

College-level courses: Faculty are generally responsible for lesson plans and unit exams. Samples of both are provided. Final examinations are written by the division. Projects and the use of appropriate software are required in most college-level courses.

To apply from the Main Home page, select Visitor/Employment. Although not required we strongly recommend that you attach a resume and a statement concerning your teaching philosophy. We are particularly interested in your previous teaching experiences. Be sure to highlight this in your resume.

Hiring Time Frames

March – April

Current adjuncts are assigned to classes for summer

April – May

Current adjuncts are assigned to classes for the next fall.

May – August

Potential new faculty are interviewed for remaining fall assignments


Current adjuncts are assigned for winter classes

October – November

Current adjuncts are assigned to classes for spring

December – January

Potential new faculty are interviewed for remaining spring assignments