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Howard Community College’s new Medical Laboratory Technician program curriculum is designed for students who aspire to a career in the clinical laboratory setting or related fields such as veterinary labs, research, medical sales, forensics, environmental labs, public health, or armed forces. Graduates may choose to start their careers and/or continue their education to earn a bachelor’s degree.

HCC offers a 65 credit Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree MLT program. The program begins in January. It is highly recommended that students complete the following prerequisites:

College Composition3
Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
General Psychology3
General Biology4

While MLT major-required courses begin in January 2013, it is highly recommended that students complete the 21-29 general education prerequisites as soon as possible. The 44 credits of the MLT major-required coursework includes four prerequisite science courses, six courses in MLT theory and skills practice, and four clinical practicums, as follows:

Anatomy and Physiology I4
Anatomy and Physiology II4
General Inorganic Chemistry I4
Organic Chemistry I4
Introduction to the Medical Laboratory3
Clinical Chemistry3
Clinical Hematology4
Clinical Immunology/Immunohematology4
Clinical Microbiology I3
Clinical Microbiology II2
Chemistry Clinical Practice2
Hematology Clinical Practice2
Immunology/Immunohematology Clinical Practice2
Microbiology Clinical Practice2

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