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The academic reading courses at HCC, ENGL-093 and  ENGL- 096, are designed to help students develop proficiency comprehending and interpreting various college-level reading materials.  These courses provide both classroom instruction and computer lab application.

ENGL-093 Prerequisite

Appropriate score on reading placement test.

ENGL-096  Prerequisites

Appropriate score on reading placement test or successful completion of Engl-093; Co-Requisite: FYEX-100.

Engl 096 is offered with the same objectives in the following formats:

  • Athletes – facilitates academic success of student athletes enrolled in HCC Dragon programs

  • Combined/Linked – integrates ENGL 096 reading objectives with ENGL 097 writing objectives

  • Silas Craft - facilitates academic success of students enrolled in the Silas Craft Collegians program

  • Health – integrates readings and vocabulary related to health care topics

For more information about Howard Community College's Academic Reading courses, please contact Sandy Mallare, program coordinator, at 443-518-4053 or

Resources for Students

Course Outlines

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