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 At a Glance...

       Credits per course: 4
       Classroom hours per week: 3
       Required weekly lab hours: 1

SPAN-101  Elementary Spanish I

Build language confidence by improving your skills and abilities as a new speaker of Spanish as your second language. In this introductory course students learn to listen, speak, write, and read on a basic level. They also learn about the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Instruction focuses on oral communication, supported by a computerized classroom and peer learning groups.

SPAN-102  Elementary Spanish II

Focus on your ability to tell a story or describe a situation in the past. Students continue to develop the four basic language skills, particularly oral communication, and to delve into the fascinating cultures of Spain, the Caribbean, and Latin America. A special project reflecting each student's personal goals for learning Spanish brings the language-learning experience to new and more meaningful dimensions.

SPAN-201 Intermediate Spanish I

Express your emotions, opinions, and ideas using the Spanish subjunctive. Students in this second-year course will use the skills needed to listen, speak, write, and read in Spanish within the context of a series of communicative activities. They will expand their knowledge of the peoples of the Spanish-speaking world and will, through the use of multimedia technology, create a personalized project reflective of individual interests in Spanish.

SPAN-202  Intermediate Spanish II

Develop techniques and vocabulary to hold conversations with native speakers. This final course of the four-semester sequence fulfills a language requirement at most four- year institutions. Students will produce a miniproject in each of the four skill areas as they acquire the basics of intermediate Spanish. 

SPAN-203  Advanced Intermediate Spanish I

Cultivate writing and reading skills through films and short stories. In this content-based intermediate course, students will further develop their skills in comprehending and speaking Spanish. Grammatical concepts introduced in elementary and intermediate classes will be reexamined with the intention of expanding them for use in conversation. Content will be based on traditional themes, such as interpersonal relationships or the environment; on topics of current interest, such as the effect of globalization or technology on society; and on cultural issues. Students will apply their speaking skills in conversations, debates, short presentations, and interviews.  (4 hours weekly)

SPAN-204  Advanced Intermediate Spanish II

Cultivate writing and reading skills through films and short stories.

SPAN-220  Cultures of Mexico

Travel through time looking at Mexican culture from ancient Indian civilizations to current NAFTA border issues. This course is for students interested in exploring the richly diverse cultures of Mexico, from the border culture to the valley, from the Yucatan peninsula to Chiapas. Students will see how the geography and history of Mexico have influenced family life, religion, art, literature, and the economy. (This course is open to all students and is highly recommended for those planning to study in Mexico during HCC’s winter term program.) Taught in English, SPAN-220 does not fulfill the foreign language requirement. 

Study Abroad

Explore Mexico! Practice Spanish in a total immersion situation that will last you a lifetime! Make friends across the world!

Service Learning

Connect with your community and stay connected to Spanish through involvement in the Spanish Service Learning Project.